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Gayle and her 3 cats are visiting, Bob is OD'ing on allergy meds and turkey brine as he bastes and cooks, Tina wants to wear lipstick, hose and heels and sit at the adults' table, Gene is writing his own cool Thanksgiving song, Linda is helping Gene with the lyrics, and Louise is doing what Louise does---all in preparation for an extra-special Thanksgiving dinner with the Belcher family, Gayle, Mort and Teddy. All suspects have been named: Who is the party doing the turkey trots?

6th episode not to have a Burger of the Day visible.

Store next door: Dr. Rangelove Stove Store.

Exterminator: Oh No You Roden't.

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    • Author: Rias
    This episode of Bob's Burgers falls short in only one department: it has a pretty predictable ending, often used in sitcoms. The predictable ending is overshadowed by a hilarious episode with awesome one-liners, and a very sweet (even for BB standards) ending. The predictability creates some initial feelings of boredom, which makes it an imperfect episode (as most episodes of TV are).

    This episode's A+ strengths are its sweet moments and its one-liners. Gene provides most of the laughs this episode, but everyone gets in a couple phrases that will cause real laughter. The best one of the night: "Why does Dad think I'm a turkey?" "Your cocky strut!"

    The second strength is its sweetness, which comes out of an adorably-drawn baby Tina and sweet father-daughter moment. And also a gay shop worker who thinks Bob is hitting on him, and Bob, instead of being offended, just says he is "straight, well, mostly straight, but who am I kidding you're out of my league anyway."

    Cute and hilarious episode, which BB does very very well.
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    H. Jon Benjamin H. Jon Benjamin - Bob Belcher (voice)
    Dan Mintz Dan Mintz - Tina Belcher (voice)
    Eugene Mirman Eugene Mirman - Gene Belcher (voice)
    Larry Murphy Larry Murphy - Teddy (voice)
    John Roberts John Roberts - Linda Belcher (voice)
    Kristen Schaal Kristen Schaal - Louise Belcher (voice)
    Andy Kindler Andy Kindler - Mort (voice)
    Megan Mullally Megan Mullally - Gayle (voice)
    Tuc Watkins Tuc Watkins - Butcher (voice)
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