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A woman visits her parents for Christmas. Hearing that they've "sold" the house, she wants to buy it. At 9 she had a BFF in the woods nearby named Han Solo. She and the buyer are single, divorced and have a child each. Is he her Han?
Jessica is a federal lawyer who returns to her parent's home for Christmas. When she discovers that the house where she grew up was sold to a stranger, Jessica look for ways to buy it back again. She tries to get Michael (the new owner) arrested, but she also doesn't remember who he really is.

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Jessica, Anna, Rod and Katherine s Family Name is Wright. But they are all credited with their first names. The Family Name is only spoken.

Chets full Character Name is Chet Marley.

Mountain Real Estate Adress is 5443 Main Street.

Chet Marley is working for Mountain Real Estate.

Michaels full Character Name is Michael Biel.

Telephone Number for Mountain Real Estate is 503-555-2000.

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    • Author: Nalmetus
    This is a very nice, entertaining holiday film from beginning to end. The acting is good, the plot is engaging. I highly recommend it for adults and children 12+. The only downer is that the cover is very misleading. This is not a children's movie about puppies, it's a romantic holiday drama. I think it was disingenuous of the distributors of this film to package it as a puppy movie for little kids. Cutthroat marketing knows no shame, so be warned! If you want to see a heartwarming romantic drama about the holiday season, this is a great film! But it's not a puppy movie that the toddlers will squeal and giggle at for an hour+. Small kids will be bored to distraction, and there may be a rebellion of suppressed energy during such a film.
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    • Author: Doriel
    These comments will not summarize the plot; the reader will have to look elsewhere for that. This is more a meta-comment about aspects of the production.

    This is the best holiday movie I've seen this year...and the second wherein a wandering golden retriever was cast as the catalyst for precipitating a happy ending. As today is given as the release date, the airing I just viewed on the ION channel must have been the premiere. Consequently, these comments might not be fully appreciated until somebody fills in the plot or synopsis.

    I just want to say that special kudos should go to the casting director, Ricki Maslar. Every part was "perfectly" cast...the leads were ideal for their parts, the kids were cute (although their characters seemed a bit mature for their age, in the way they "advised" their respective parents about their love lives), and everyone playing a supporting role couldn't have been better.

    But I want to mention two parts, in particular. It was so good to see Bruce Davison, as the family patriarch, in a sympathetic role (for once), that I wish his part could have been bigger. And Elisa Donovan as Anna, who pokes and prods and needles and knocks her big sister Jessica (Andrea Roth) toward romance is absolutely, positively delightful!

    The tone and tenor of the production was uniformly appropriate throughout, *except* I didn't care much for the vocal backgrounds in the soundtrack during certain characters' pensive moments. I would have much preferred simple instrumentals.
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    • Author: Qudanilyr
    I absolutely detested Jessica right off the bat so anything that came after that it was hard for me to forgive her. How can she be this stupid, and this is a federal prosecutor, apparently successful. Buying a house is not something you put off figuring you can grab it at the last minute. And then she was arrogant, stubborn and blind about it. So I really didn't want to see Michael end up with her.

    I kept watching it for a few reasons. 1) I like Nicholas Brendon. 2) There are two cute kids and cute dog. 3) You have to know the childhood friendship is going to come back into play somehow.

    The acting was decent though not exceptional. The story had definite possibilities if it could have toned down Jessica's psychotic behavior.

    The two kids have the wisdom of the ages which is a bit much at times.

    Of course nothing is a surprise, but that didn't mean it wasn't sweet.
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    • Author: Mbon
    My problem with this movie is that the cover shows a bunch of puppies so my daughter & I thought it was going to be ABOUT puppies at Christmas. It was in the kids section but it did not keep her entertained & we were both unhappy that we felt misled by the cover & where it was placed in the video rental store. The sticker on the DVD cover says Family Holiday which I guess is correct because there were no inappropriate themes, etc. so I can see why it is family & holiday. I guess my problem is more with where it was in the rental store because it was in the kids section, not family section. I think it is more of a family holiday romance though so I am glad that we get unlimited movie rentals for a flat fee with Blockbuster so I did not have to spend much on this lesson.
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    • Author: Whitestone
    Gee, my daughter and I were expecting a cute little movie with puppies running around having Christmas fun. Instead, we sat through 2 hours of D-List actors arguing and acting jaded!

    The movie was full of dull dialogue and poorly constructed circumstances. By the time they rolled out the big moment, it fell flat and lifeless. If I'm going to be tricked to see a movie through this type of bait and switch, can't it have a shred of entertainment value?

    The only entertaining aspect was seeing how that dog ran away at the end, realizing how bad of a movie it was in! Seriously, huge misrep on the cover!!
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    • Author: Cerekelv
    As several have already mentioned..the dogs have little to nothing to do with this movie and the lead actress is a person I had absolutely no ability to "find" an affinity to.The two lead characters were completely mismatched for this movie since she ALWAYS seems to have a "edge" and the male lead was just a nice,simply guy. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! The other thing that confounded me was having the dog be pregnant.and yet NO ONE ever noticed?Then this dog gives birth..out in the woods...supposedly in the snow..and the two "leads" look up and SMILE instead of packing her up and taking her home??THEN we have the stupidest ending EVER...the "dog"...who has given birth to pups...simply goes outside and they WATCH her run off into the sunset??? WHO the FLOCK comes up with such inane,unconnected movies and tries to pass them off as "family" movies??
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    • Author: Kirinaya
    Its Christmas and Jessica comes back home for Christmas. She comes back to the house she loved and that her dad built. Its been 3 years since she's been home. She is excited to tell her parents she decided she wants to give up her life as a lawyer and come back home. She was not ready for the devastating news her parents revealed. She reminisces about her childhood and the young boy she met one summer and the lunch box (time capsule) they buried. Its been rough since her husband passed away, 3 years ago. She meets Michael, a single father, who lives in town. After her parents tells her who he is, she automatically takes a disliking to him. A dog showed up at Michael's doorstep and he took her in. But, the dog always seems to find his way to Jessica's house. Could the dog be trying to get them together? Does the dog know something they don't know? All you have to do is give me a nice story with wonderful actors and I am a happy camper. And that is what this movie has.
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    • Author: Survivors
    I guess Hollywood has to make these to complete the genre at Christmas time, but the over the top selfishness, from the well to do fancy big time lawyer is really over done here. and the DVD cover shows three cute lovable dogs, which have very little to nearly nothing to do with the plot.

    This is not at all a kids movie, To much anger, to much selfishness from the main character, and yet everyone else seems to understand Christmas.. Drama,Drama, Drama, the cuteness side plot is squashed quickly, and 5 minutes into it you have figured it all out, even my two young daughters did before we jointly agreed to turn off this Yule tide hissy fit.
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    • Author: Ceck

    After a magical summer together, a nine-year-old boy whispers his heart into the ear of a best friend. With a loyal, golden dog by their side, the boy and girl bury a time capsule of keepsakes then they go their separate ways.

    Years later, looking for a fresh start, a man and woman each return to the place they felt most at home as a child. But a comedic case of unknown identity has them competing for the same childhood memories, and Christmas escapades ensue. For the sake of their happiness, they must discover their common past before they turn each other s lives completely upside-down.

    Now this film can in a four pack of Christmas movies and I avoided this one because I thought it was only going to star dogs. Well there is a dog in this and his on screen time is most likely less than 10 minutes.

    Now as for the film itself I found it highly enjoyable but I have a minor complaint. The main female in this film is really immature on several things and at times that got annoying but Andrea Roth is a fine actress and I loved another Christmas film she did called "Crazy For Christmas"

    If you are looking for a family safe film then watch this. Small children (under 10) will be bored.

    If you like romantic films then this film is perfect for you to watch anytime if the year.

    This film takes place at "Christmas Time" however its hardly a "Christmas Movie".
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    • Author: Tar
    18 May 2015. It's hard to explain exactly what's so wonderfully magical about this movie. Perhaps it's the eerily mysterious but sweet melody that wraps around the mind in places. Perhaps its the predictable and secure plot that allows the audience just to enjoy the movie instead of being bent out of shape during the holidays. Perhaps its the characters that offer up a dependable performance without getting too serious during the Christmas season. For me, this movie just reflects the holiday spirit, the magical wishes of Christmas, and the fulfillment of dreams passed by. Among the best of Christmas movies that set a new wave of contemporary holiday-themed movies afterwards.
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    • Author: Ylonean
    As a Buffy fan, the only reason this caught my eye was bc of Nicholas Brendon in the commercial. Then as a Clueless fan, I saw Elise Donovan. I've seen the lead actress on LIfetime/Hallmark, but it was truly the 90s nostalgia that drew me to the movie. Not to mention the mom from The Wonder Years and that guy from Harry and the Hendersons. Plus, I give almost any Christmas flick a chance.

    Anyway, I have no problem with the starting premise: young "love" over a summer possibly reconnecting 20+ years later...I was fine w/that. I was even fine w/Jessica initially wanting to buy the house. But I'm an hour in and I just find her to be horrible, spoiled, and entitled. He can't have the house bc she wants it. She never told her parents she was interested, so they sold it, but now that she wants it, that's all that matters. Never mind that the deal was fair.

    She's doing what she can to sabotage the sale (there is a loophole that is so stupid and convenient), and I find it to be incredibly immature. Apparently she's been intentionally distant from her family for many years, so expecting them to read her mind and bend to her is incredibly selfish and just ugh. She thinks she's doing them a favor by gracing them w/her presence while she enacts her selfishnessness. IDK if this is a Lifetime original, but it absolutely fits their woman good, man bad mentality over the last 10+ years (I'm a woman and I recognize this). The two main characters want the house for the same sentimental reason (unbeknownst to them) and yet he's going about it the right way and we're supposed to "get" her motives for being so self-involved?

    I think what bugs me and what prompted this review is the actress is pretty rigid, so instead of what's certainly meant to be comedic, comes off as mean and petty. And of course a dead husband is being used as her excuse. It's just ugh. Every other character has had comedic moments except her. I think Elise D could have pulled off this character instead. I also hate when movies give characters certain jobs where their behavior makes them look even worse. She's a prosecutor acting like this while making fun of her sister's therapist career?

    I give Christmas/holiday movies a lot of leeway bc they all follow the same formula, but she is horrible. Which is funny bc it's supposed to be fate that reunites them but they were 9 and 10. This is who she is now. I realize that she and Michael will end up together in the next 50 minutes, but he could really do better. She is not exhibiting any pleasant qualities that should attract him to her. She should really leave him alone.

    I'm only finishing it bc it's almost over and I'm doing my hair. Otherwise, skip it. Edit: you know what, changed my mind....seeing her get her way in the end is a miss for me. Turning it off. Life's too short. It's still Christmas Day on the east coast and I could waste time on other cheesy flicks.
  • Cast overview:
    Andrea Roth Andrea Roth - Jessica
    Nicholas Brendon Nicholas Brendon - Michael
    Elisa Donovan Elisa Donovan - Anna
    Bruce Davison Bruce Davison - Rod
    Alley Mills Alley Mills - Katherine
    Jason London Jason London - Mitch
    Daniel Zykov Daniel Zykov - Henry
    Melody Hollis Melody Hollis - Madeline
    Sherman Sherman - The Dog
    Robert Seay Robert Seay - Chet
    Kali Majors Kali Majors - Young Jessica
    Sam Cohen Sam Cohen - Young Michael
    Chastity Dotson Chastity Dotson - Jill Robington
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