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Jessica and Luke get help from someone else in the neighborhood. Kilgrave gears up for a major test of powers against Jessica.

When Malcom and Claire are in Jessica's apartment with an unconscious Luke Cage, Claire states that she's "no one's side-kick." Stan Lee, the founder of Marvel, hates side-kicks and hardly gives any of Marvel's heroes any.

When Albert injects Kilgrave with the serum you can see that it is purple, Kilgrave is known as "The Purple Man" in the Marvel comics

Matt Murdock akaDaredevil does not show up in the first season of Jessica Jones. However, Claire, who helps Matt in Daredevil shows up and helps Jessica and Luke Cage. She also hints to Daredevil, saying "this isn't her first time meeting a gifted", and also offering to call him for help, but Jessica refuses.

The yacht Kilgrave tries to escape on at the end is named "Goldfish". This is the title of another graphic novel by Jessica Jones creator, Brian Michael Bendis.

This is the only episode when Jessica Jones smiled.

In the crowd fight scene Kilgrave screams stop. Veins in his face and neck are visible and he turns slightly purple. In the comics he is known as the Purple Man because the ability to control people turns his skin purple.

User reviews

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    • Author: Siramath
    Much like the last episode, a lot of this episode was strangely slow for a finale. There was one neat sequence involving a hospital part way through, but that's pretty much all the action until the end. I was nervous when I heard that Daredevil appears in the finale, but I didn't see him. His nurse friend was there, but he wasn't.

    The final confrontation with Kilgrave is low on action, but very clever and immensely satisfying. It was an ending I was pretty happy with. I just wish the show had been a couple episodes shorter. The same thing happened with Daredevil. It built amazing pace then fizzled in the last couple episodes ending with a finale that's good but feels like it doesn't justify the sudden slow pacing leading up to it. I think thirteen was too many. They should have gone with ten for both shows. That's probably why it felt a bit anti-climactic. Other than that, it was a good ending to the season.
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    • Author: INwhite
    Things really started moving in this episode, and thankfully it was a very eventful. The pace was quite fast and we got some good character moments, especially from Kilgrave. There was a great lead-up to the final scene between Jessica and Kilgrave, although, even after the constant intensity leading up to it, the conclusion to the series was far too anti-climactic and quick. Aside from this it was a mostly solid episode, and I feel it's good that they still left some threads still answered (in particular Trish and her mother's storyline), so there is something to look forward to for the next season. Although killing off Kilgrave may damage the next season, as it's obviously going to be hard to find an ample villain to replace him. In the end this was a satisfying and fast paced conclusion to a series that has often been extremely slowly paced in the past.
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    • Author: Dibei
    Dull bore of an episode, but I've certainly suffered through worse finales. The end of David Tenat likely means the end of my interest in this show. Pretty much all the characters have gotten stale at this point. At least they didn't terribly fumble his ending.
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    • Author: Thofyn
    In my opinion, a solid episode. The series on the whole I love, and this episode was good, but I really wanted something great to close off such an amazing storyline. I won't go through everything I liked because there is a lot, hence the 7/10 rating, but there are some things I would like to cover. I felt like the performances both Krysten Ritter and David Tennant put in where incredible. Both are incredibly talented actors and the chemistry between them is like no other hero and villain in the entirety of the MCU. Having not seen Krysten in much, it was great to find out I really liked her. Not just in this episode, but in the whole series I just love the way she manages to be a bitch you love rooting for. And David Tennant... being a fan of Doctor Who and his performance as the 10th Doctor, I was really looking forward to seeing him play a bad guy. Boy, was I surprised when I found he fit in better as Killgrave than the Doctor. The way his English accent, despite being Scottish, strikes fear into you whenever you hear it, and how in the beginning half of the season, just a couple of shots were good enough to already make him the best villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    However, for me, it was the ending that cost the episode; I just would have liked it to have been dragged out a little further with more consequence. Here's where I'm coming from: to find out Killgrave's already OP power has now been enhanced to become ridiculously powerful was scary. But we didn't really get to see him use it, not that well at least. Instead of about 30 people, having a portion of New York at risk would have had me on the edge far more. But instead we have characters like Trish, who the writers give to much of a sh*t about, being included in an ending that really should have just been Jessica and Killgrave, as well as the death of the scariest on screen Marvel villain to date being something I could have written. Then we get 5 minutes to finish the season and the show ends. In the end, this episode is great and had me gasping and fearing at the right times, but an ending that just makes me feel, "oh ok, guess I'll see you next season".
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    • Author: Groll
    A very good conclusion to the first season.

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    • Author: Gavidor
    I think "Smile"-despite the satisfaction of seeing Kilgrave's neck snapped like a twig by Jessica Jones, his body dropped in a heap to the sidewalk of the marina where he had a bunch of folks attack each other until seizing control of Trish, mocking his adversary regarding how he would rape and torment her "sister"-does suffer from a sense of inevitability and predictability. Being that this is the final episode, it was obvious JJ wouldn't die. Sure there might have been concern that something might happen to Trish, particularly because she kept helping Jessica and putting herself in the dangerous crosshairs. Jeri Hogarth even actually makes herself useful instead of a liability; facing being pushed out of her firm, having lost her lover due to the murder charge regarding the ex-wife, and still enduring the scars caused by Kilgrave's orders, Jeri defends Jessica when the law wants to pursue litigation against Jessica. Jeri concocts quite a story involving Kilgrave ordering Jessica to kill him due to "guilt". And with the police ordered by Kilgrave (a serum his father eventually successfully develops gives him even greater power) to shoot at Jessica-a trick using Trish as a ruse is cool-in a cathedral further helps her cause against the law coming after her. The main weakness of Kilgrave has always been his obsession with Jessica, wanting her to admit love to him, but Luke is the man she truly cares for, which has just further enflamed his psychopathy. Kilgrave certainly commits to finishing off his pops as Jessica finds him absent arms in the upscale apartment of a male couple forced to cooperate due to the mind control.

    In the secondary sidebar, Jessica admits to a comatose Luke (after getting help from a nurse, Claire (a welcome Rosario Dawson, bringing some real class and cool to the show), who decides to assist her when the cops come looking for him), she wishes for a future together or perhaps even a simple date, leaving him for the time being to confront and hopefully defeat (or die trying) Kilgrave. Despite his best efforts not to care, Malcolm can't just abandon Jessica, meeting Claire (who decides to remain with Luke at Jessica's request) when visiting JJ's apartment. He later answers the phone for Jessica when the public call looking for her help, knowing that she was responsible for the end of Kilgrave, a terror that victimized a city. Claire's no-nonsense, sees-it-like-it-is personality, and considerate nature, is refreshing because, quite frankly, Jessica needed someone (besides Trish) to give up some of their time in order for her to settle the Kilgrave business. I do hope this is just a start for something increasingly substantial for Dawson. And Malcolm has a rather pleasant conversation with Claire about Jessica and Luke, both aware of how these two feel about each other even if circumstances have disrupted any romantic potential they have.

    Jeri recalling the casualties of Kilgrave while defending Jessica, including Hope's own fate, is a nice way of letting us not forget what the mind control monster was responsible for and why his death was beneficial for all mankind. Jeri using her "shark" mentality, ingenuity, and wit to get Jessica out of a jam proves that she is capable of much. Yes, Jeri's allowing Kilgrave to gain access to the fetal tissue would allow him greater power, but ultimately she came through for Jessica in her time of need. That is a start if anything, but Jessica let her know they aren't square. Now Jessica will not be able to just dismiss any obligation her power possesses. Oh, and that leap Jessica has gets great height and distance!

    Although the ending of the first season was never in doubt, seeing Kilgrave get his was incredibly enjoyable. Jessica having to lure him in and telling Trish she loved her was special because it has a sincerity without being mushy.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Krysten Ritter Krysten Ritter - Jessica Jones
    Mike Colter Mike Colter - Luke Cage
    Rachael Taylor Rachael Taylor - Trish Walker
    Eka Darville Eka Darville - Malcolm Ducasse
    Carrie-Anne Moss Carrie-Anne Moss - Jeri Hogarth
    David Tennant David Tennant - Kilgrave
    Rosario Dawson Rosario Dawson - Claire Temple
    Michelle Hurd Michelle Hurd - D.A. Samantha Reyes
    Michael Siberry Michael Siberry - Albert Thompson
    Edward Chin-Lyn Edward Chin-Lyn - Frank Levin
    Colin Moss Colin Moss - Justin Boden
    Amanda Warren Amanda Warren - Dr. Gallo
    Frank De Julio Frank De Julio - Nurse Brad
    Lia Yang Lia Yang - Nurse Chung
    Cecelia Riddett Cecelia Riddett - Old Woman
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