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Short summary

It's the night of Heston's soirée, but it doesn't start well when Heston discovers a bird has got into his house, and wrecked the beautifully lay-ed table. A beautiful Cherry, in her little black dress, then makes a big speech about Wales, not realizing that Ravi is in fact an expert on 'Whales' - the 'Big Fishy Things', not Wales the Country. And then it all goes down hill. Rowly, who is in fact not gay, goes on a date with Julia.

Episode cast overview:
Owen Brenman Owen Brenman - Dr. Heston Carter
Adrian Lewis Morgan Adrian Lewis Morgan - Dr. Jimmi Clay
Matthew Chambers Matthew Chambers - Dr. Daniel Granger
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh Elisabeth Dermot Walsh - Dr. Zara Carmichael
Sophie Abelson Sophie Abelson - Cherry Malone
Diane Keen Diane Keen - Julia Parsons
Paul Clayton Paul Clayton - Rowly Calderone
Madhav Sharma Madhav Sharma - Ravi Choudhry
Michael Culkin Michael Culkin - Hugo Blandford
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