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"Two of a Kind" is a family comedy with a romantic twist. Kevin Burke is a science professor and single father who believes there is a scientific explanation for everything except how to control his scheming pre-teen daughters! Mary Kate and Ashley are twin sisters who are complete opposites. Mary Kate is a tomboy whose biggest interest is perfecting her curve ball; and Ashley is a straight-A student starting a boy-crazy phase. And then there's Carrie, a 26-year-old freshman in Kevin's seminar who has come late to college after exploring the world. Carrie is quirky, difficult, beautiful and quick to speak her mind, so when she answers Kevin's ad for a part-time nanny for the girls, he is convinced she's nothing but trouble. The girls think she is a dream-sitter come true and agree to put their differences aside and join forces to make a little chemistry between their by-the-book dad and the beautiful woman who seems to drive him crazy in all the right ways.

After only one season, the short-lived TGIF sitcom of Mary-Kate and Ashley's Two of a Kind was canceled from ABC.

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    • Author: superstar
    I have to disagree with the many negatives comments I have read here about this show. I'm a 38 year-old who was never a fan of "Full House" or the Olsen Twins UNTIL I caught "Two of a Kind" this past summer. The twins are much older now, complete with their own individual personalities. They are lovely girls, charming, very talented, etc., etc., etc. I instantly liked the show and so did everyone else in the room. We wondered WHY we hadn't heard about this great sit-com and later wondered why it was yanked off. I am now catching all the repeats on the Fox Family Channel and loving every minute. The episode with one of the twin's girlfriends who was ridiculed for being "different" was very touching and very moving. This is quality television and someone made a very big mistake in not renewing the series. Hopefully some other network will pick it up soon while the girls are this age. They are just adorable. The criticism about their maturer look is just a matter of opinion. The girls dress and act fine. The Olsen Twins are new to me since I never cared for "Full House" and it is so refreshing to see a show about two young girls without the attitude I see in young people on other shows that turn me off completely. I hope others that like this show as much as I do, will take the time to post their thoughts on the show. Maybe we can start a campaign to get it back on the air. Not since "All-American Girl" with Margaret Cho have I liked a new sit-com this much. It's very well written. I like the actor who plays the father, but I think the others in the cast need to go. However, I would watch it either way.
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    • Author: Abandoned Electrical
    As a 19 year old who loves "kids'" TV, I can honestly say that I really enjoy this show. I disagree with the people who have said that Mary-Kate and Ashley are bad actresses... I think they're very cute and obviously have great experience working together. The writing for this show is very good; it's funny and often witty.

    Even if you're not a fan of the Olsen twins, this show is ALL WORTH IT for the interaction between Christopher Sieber (the dad) and Salley Wheeler (the babysitter). They are hilarious together, and come on, they're both so darn cute!! The romantic tension between them really makes the show and keeps people like me watching. It's a shame the show was cancelled-- with their potential romantic relationship, this show could really have been something, with or without the Olsens.

    I recommend giving it a try, whether you're an adult, a kid, or somewhere in between. It's worth it!
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    • Author: Mot
    I recently discovered this show in reruns on ABC Family Channel. They are showing it in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is a very fun show. The interactions between the twins and their father seem very genuine. I wish this show had been on longer. If they ever release this on DVD, I would buy it in an instant. It's a fun show for the whole family.

    BTW, I am a teenage guy; so I'm not really the target audience, but this show is just genuinely funny.

    If you do like this show, on Tuesdays and Thursdays ABC Family airs the Olsen twins' other show "So Little Time." I don't think that it is quite as good as "Two of a Kind," but it is still better than the average sitcom.

    Come on Mary-Kate and Ashley, make another show, you've got a fan right here who would love it!
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    • Author: anneli
    All I see is people complaining on this show. What's the matter with you?! It's good! maybe not the best, but it's good! And, I think the people who doesn't like the Olsen twins is just jealous because they're such successful girls. I love them. And I love their TV-show adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley. It's great. I give this show a 7.
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    • Author: Urtte
    I watch this show every day when I get home from school on the Fox Family Channel, and now they've started showing it in the morning (three times a day for a show that has less than 30 episodes.) The plots ARE full of dumb sitcom cliches, but it's all good because it's still funny, and they seem to actually make it more enjoyable. Lots of fun to watch and usually has some really funny moments, even if the dad's personality is so cliched that he isn't convincing as a human being. A thoroughly enjoyable show.
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    • Author: Tane
    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen formed Dualstar entertainment group when they were six-years-old. Now 18, they have not churned out a single good project. Save one thing: Two Of A Kind. Two Of A Kind is about 12-year-old twins called Mary-Kate (Mary-Kate Olsen) and Ashley (Ashley Olsen) (how imaginative) who are raised by their dad, Kevin (Christopher Sieber) after their mother dies. Mary-Kate is a tomboy who spends most of her time playing sports and hanging with the guys. Ashley is a prim and proper girlie girl more interested in what's in Vogue, and dating boys. Their dad, Kevin, is a college professor who hires one of his students, Carrie (Sally Wheeler), to take care of the twins whilst he's not there. Produced by the Olsens', this was meant to be a starring vehicle for them, however, the show really belongs to Christopher Sieber and Sally Wheeler. They have fantastic on screen chemistry and get all the funniest lines and are much more entertaining to watch then the twins who the show is meant to be about. This being the only decent thing to come from Dualstar and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, it was cancelled after only one season. However, if only to watch the brilliant Christopher Sieber and Sally Wheeler, catch some of the re runs. Two Of A Kind is a funny and entertaining show.
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    • Author: Mezilabar
    I think that Two of a Kind is a really great show. I wish that ABC hadn't cancelled it. It had a really great cast, and kids could watch it. Maybe someday they'll make a movie or something, because millions of fans want to know how it ends.
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    • Author: Ghile
    I love this show. I started watching a few weeks ago, now that it's airing on Fox Family Channel. I had never heard of this show before now, and I actually thought it was a new original from FOX Family. I never watched TGIF shows, so no wonder I didn't know about it. This show is funny and very, very warm. The characters are awesome, and you cannot help but love them all. I always thought the twins were annoying, but I love em in this show. Their dad is hilarious, and Carrie, beautiful Carrie, she's just awesome. What else can I say about this show, but awesome! I recommend you check it out on FOX FAMILY while it lasts. It's on all the the morning and the evening. It's too bad there are so few episodes.
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    • Author: ACOS
    I'm so tired of reading how people think the twins act like their 25. What a crock of s***. If they act anything, it's like a little kid, which is exactly what they are, kids. I always enjoyed watching Mary-Kate and Ashley. I always thought it would be cool to have a twin sister. I never knew about this show when it was on the regular stations. I started watching it when it was on 6:30 in the morning on the family stations. I just wish they would have made more episodes because I'm tired of watching the old ones all the time.
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    • Author: Wal
    The olsen twins rule, although i am a frequent viewer of So Little time their current series,i much prefer this Carrie and kevin are hilarious along with the amazing performances by mary-kate and ashley. I definately recommend this comedy. A++++++++
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    • Author: Zbr
    I hate Mary-Kate and Ashley, and everything that they do. Yet I am still compelled to watch it. I'm glad I watched this series. ABC really shouldn't have canceled it. I wish that it would have started on FOX Family which is now ABC Family I believe, because they don't cancel shows.

    I do have many objections to the show. Once again Mary-Kate and Ashley are two girls living with a single father because their mother died. Is it just me or are they playing the same character? Their father has to work so they have to get a baby-sitter. And it just so happens that that baby-sitter is in her 20's and they can tell her everything. But oh's single, we like her, let's get them together!

    Well, it's no surprise to me that the acting from the Olsen twins was atrocious. I've heard that they are really sweet girls, but all of their characters are vapid and conceited. The whole Ashley being the girly girl and Mary-Kate being the tomboy thing had already been overdone. With all of their acting experience they still haven't learned a thing. But they're "cute" so they have a flourishing career.

    The show would have been a complete mess if it weren't for Christopher Sieber who plays their dad and my favorite on the show, Sally Wheeler. If it wasn't for them I would never have watched the whole season of the show. They are the ones with real talent. That last episode where they kissed got me all excited and wanting more. And then the show was canceled. I wish only good things for these two actors.

    There were some guests too. But no one really cares about them. Eddie wasn't funny at all. Neither was Kevin's cousin, who used to be on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    Well, TGIF is long gone. But I will always remember (well maybe that's going a little too far) that there was once something on with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen that I actually enjoyed.
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    • Author: Gavirus
    This TV series is probably the one of the most stupid series that I have ever seen. it's almost as bad as "So Little Time," and that's saying something. Sorry to you fans, if I'm tearing down your whole world, but if I am, that's kind of pathetic. the characters are completely unidentifiable. The twins are the worst young actresses that have come around in a long time. It was fine when they were little, because all they had to do was act cute, but now, they're trying to create a world for themselves. They've had many failed series and recent films, plus they're designing "fashions." what kind of crap is that. Plus, all of their bad shows and movies are on Fox Family, what does that say about the twins (and the channel, for that matter)? they may still have several fans, but the world would be a whole lot better if they would just give up. sorry to say it, but it's the truth.
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    • Author: Mushicage
    Children's television really has deteriorated and this series, yet another Olsen twin project, proves it. Nothing ever really happens in any of the episodes apart from the girls talking about how 'hot' the boy-of-the-week is and see the weak-willed Kevin, their father, being pushed around by the very annoying and in-your-face Carrie. Hardly a great example for young girls to think that all that is important in the world is who you fancy.

    'Sister, Sister' was a far superior take on the twin thing. At least that had some realistic conflict between the twins, each twin had their own personality and there was actually a point to each episode...and most importantly of all, you could tell which twin was which. After all, can anyone honestly tell the difference between these two?

    I can't wait for the day when the Olsen twins become too old to appeal to little girls who don't know any better. I hardly think they'll fare well in serious adult roles and maybe then we'll finally get a break from the rubbish like this which they churn out every minute of the day.
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    • Author: Doriel
    this show didnt make me laugh for one time. the jokes are for kindergarden and a lot of boring moments. marry kate and ashly have lost it. they where cute on full house when they didnt know who are they but now as they all grown up we can see that they do not no anything about acting. dont get me wrong, they are very cute and stuff but they are not actresses. hope their next project will be a little less childy. good luck for them
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    • Author: catterpillar
    Such a great show, needs to be on DVD! It's 2017 and I still love Two Of A Kind. I love the cast with Marykate and Ashley, they are funny and witty along with their dad Kevin and the babysitter Carrie. I wish it lasted for more than a season, it should have kept going.

    Now all we ask is to put it on DVD. Maybe even some how get the twins to make more episodes, after all, they were able to revamp Full house with Fuller house (minus the twins I know). I love the whole cast as a whole, with Paul, Eddie, Matt, Nancy, Lesley, all of them.

    For anyone in charge who made Two of A Kind , please take this into consideration, that where are big fans out there who would watch it everyday if we could! Over all I give this show a 10, it's funny, original and sweet and special.
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    • Author: Mazuzahn
    Well firstly lets just remember that it is just a 'kids' show and so therefore it's not going to be the most challenging programme ever.

    Two of a kind was rather likable, not to be taken too seriously and just a bit of fun. I watched this on Nickelodeon when i was growing up (i'm about the same age as the Olsen's and also a twin!) Kevin and Carrie were charming and Paul was hilarious; Mary-Kate and Ashley are irritating at times but i wouldn't say they were bad actresses. As for the comments about them wearing loads of make-up and dressing like tarts; i don't see any difference to what other girls are wearing in other US teen shows like '8 simple rules's Bridget' or anyone in the dire 'Hannah Montana.' The only annoyance for me was the way the whole 'twin' thing was played. They were the complete opposite? Yeah right! No-one ever got them confused even when they were wearing similar clothes; my sister and I look less alike than they do, yet people confuse us all the time (which i hate)and they made it sound like being a twin was great when really it can be a huge pain and a lot of competition.
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    • Author: Tebei
    I think this show is quite good and funny! I've seen it by chance when it was transmitted on Disney channel and, though I'm a teenager, I thought it was very nice. The main problem is that it is too short (and I don't know why!), so if you want to see it for long time you'll finish with learning by hearth all the episodes... In general Ashley and Mary-Kate are good in acting and dialogs with other role are very genuine. Also the father's role is very good acted and good personified. There are many stereotypes about the "preteen age" but after all this is a normal sitcom that is pleasant to watch and that will make you laugh.
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    • Author: Very Old Chap
    I have to admit that I can't stand the Olsen Twins. They're both exactly the same and play exactly the same characters in exactly the same movies all the time. However, this was slightly more original. Not only was it a clever idea for a show, but also it showed the girls as two separate people which I think, besides this show, has never been done before or after (Except maybe It Takes Two which was also worth a peek in) However, the real praise for this has to go to the characters of Carrie and Kevin who are far better at dishing out the laughs. I have to admit, I did enjoy this when it was on, it was some time ago now and I tried watching it again recently but due to my own growing up found the humour more dry, however, I can't deny that when I was an 11 to 12 year old I did like this show very much.
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    • Author: Coron
    This program is very good its wacky and funny with an unbelievably touch. It can be stupid at times with the Olsen twins but on the most part its good when their old neighbours drop in it's brill!! Their Dad Kevin wears the weirdest cloths and their 30 "babysitter" is really annoying when Kevin and her are flitting in the most obvious tennie bopper way which by the third episode gets annoying!!!
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    • Author: Iraraeal
    I love these girls! Wonderful child actresses. I just about grew up w/ them on Full House. Great show!
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    • Author: Unde
    I'm the third Brazilian commenting on this show. The first one who judged this show shouldn't have done so before watching a few more episodes. It's very, very, very far from being the best. The Olsen twins are far from being good actresses, even though they are America's favourite twins. The only reasonably funny situations usually involve Carrie and her professor. The Miller/ Boyett/ Warren trio did some good shows like Step by Step, years before. Their family comedies were a little funny, but never stood up against comedy giants like Friends and Seinfeld. Two of a Kind is not any funnier. The twins have poor hair and terrible clothing. What kind of 12 year old girl wears things like those? The situations are getting repetitive... once again, like Full House.
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    • Author: Halloween
    A new comedy with the Olsen twins. This however is probably their best. Now they both are on set and act as a single father's two daughters. The show will bring laughs as the girls become teenagers and get help from their cool, hip-hop sitter. I would watch it once and see how you like it. Perfect for boys and girls between 7-14.
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    • Author: Wiliniett
    when my brother and i first seen this on abc we fell in love with it, it made us laugh and the twins were great. i loved carrie and kevin and the rest of the cast but later in the season it got so much better. the set is great the twins have very good acting unlike slt and alot of their movies so i have to say i give it a 10 out of 10.
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    • Author: monotronik
    Probably the most cliched family show ever. But the one thing that makes this a great show is the romantic tension between Carrie and kevin.

    It's great to watch.
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    • Author: Alsardin
    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have done a lot of work mostly ranging from mediocre to bad. However, they are not entirely without acting talent. The evidence for this is in their short series "Two of a Kind". With good direction and writing, the these girls show much promise.
  • Series cast summary:
    Mary-Kate Olsen Mary-Kate Olsen - Mary-Kate Burke 22 episodes, 1998-1999
    Ashley Olsen Ashley Olsen - Ashley Burke 22 episodes, 1998-1999
    Christopher Sieber Christopher Sieber - Kevin Burke 22 episodes, 1998-1999
    Sally Wheeler Sally Wheeler - Carrie Moore 22 episodes, 1998-1999
    David Valcin David Valcin - Eddie Fairbanks 13 episodes, 1998-1999
    Ernie Grunwald Ernie Grunwald - Paul 11 episodes, 1998-1999
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