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8-year-old twins Susie (Mary-Kate Olsen) and Jessica (Ashley Olsen) live with their widowed father Stephen since their mom's death the previous year. One day they receive a letter from their mom's godmother Natty who wants them to come visit her at her dude ranch where their mom spent a lot of time growing up. Even though their dad has trouble at work with his callous boss, the family eventually manages to go visit Natty, but the ranch is in trouble: the number of paying visitors has decreased and Natty might not be able to afford it much longer. The girls want to help and begin coming up with ideas. Meanwhile, Natty's adult son Bart pushes his elderly mother to sell the ranch for the sake of her health, but Susie and Jessica suspect that he has ulterior motives.

This was Elizabeth Olsen's first onscreen debut as the girl in the car

The poster on the wall of Bart's Workshop is of Italian Fascist, Benito Mussolini.

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    • Author: Vinainl
    I remember when this was on (it's been almost 10 years I can't believe it!) and my sister and I watched this quite often. I thought it was really good. When I look back on it, it wasn't that great of a movie, but kids most definately will enjoy it. It was made for kids.
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    • Author: Cezel
    My kids thought this was the best movie by the Olsen twins, and so did I. ("Little Rascals" is not really an Olsen twin movie, and we didn't like "It Takes Two" as well.) Its plot is predictable but plausible, with a touch of mystery and suspense. Martin Mull gives a fine performance as the bad guy. The western scenery is excellent: production values seem higher than most made-for-TV movies. I think this is as good as many higher-rated IMDb movies, but it lacks drug or alcohol references, so I guess many pseudo-adults can't appreciate it. One funny part is the way George (Ben Cardinal), a native American / Indian, keeps arriving everywhere via mountain bike before the horses do.
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    • Author: Welahza
    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen become westerners in this TV movie entitled "How The West Was Fun".

    The story involves Susie and Jessica,who are twin daughters of a single dad that gets invited to a relative's ranch.While staying there,they discover treasures that belonged to their mother who already has passed away.When they learn that the ranch owner's son intends to sell the ranch and turn it into a theme park,both decide to take matters into their own hands and take some action like Westerners to save it.

    This is definitely one of the better films made by the Olsen Twins within their standards.We get to see them during their younger years.It was both sweet and fun.Also,many viewers will find enjoyment in it despite being a children's movie.It was also the years before most of their films started become boy crazy characters as they were only eight years old when they made it.
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    • Author: Tygrarad
    This is a cliche movie about saving a dude ranch from the evil developers! Recycled plot. Oh well. :-) The Olsen twins redeem it with their cheery faces.

    Definitely, not the Olsen twins best movie but still...

    If you are an Olsen twin junkie then you have to see this one anyways.
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    • Author: Androlhala
    This is quite an awful little film. It is slow-paced, stiff-acted and boring. Of course, considering the main cast are two twin eight year olds, that comes as no surprise.

    Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen got fame from "Full House," an emotionally controlling and contrived television show. I always thought the "little kid" they had on the show was a bad actress(es). Now, they have spun off countless "mystery films" and cheap little straight-too-video movies.

    I am surprised anyone thought these little girls had talent, but then again, everyone thought Macauley Culkin was great, so everybody will probably think these twins are the best ever!

    1/5 stars --

    John Ulmer
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    • Author: Lightbinder
    This movie is brilliant. Mary-Kate and Ashley are so cute. If anyone say's this film is bad, they're wrong. this is definitely one for the kiddies to watch because i'm not sure if you adults will appreciate the plot of this movie. this is an excellent movie. Anyone who watches this will be moved by the thrilling story line of this movie. It's about two little girls who are asked that there mother comes to the ranch to try and save it, but there mother dyed a few years ago, so they go instead. they find there mothers diary in a hut that she made the last time she was there,then they save the ranch from being closed down by Bart. Bart wants to close down the ranch and make it into a theme park, but the girls manage to stop him. Please watch this film it is REALLY GOOD!!!!!!
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    • Author: Sironynyr
    Give the parents a break...this movie is sad moviemaking. If the Olsen twins had stayed young, maybe they would have more success on the silver screen. However, as they get older their acting skills continue to show that looks is all they have. And please save us from the acting on the adult's parts. They were obviously as bored as I was. I voted 1/10.
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    • Author: Iaran
    This movie is great for girls when they are 10 and under which is a good thing because thats who it was originally meant for anyway. Although once your kids get older and they watch it .. it'll just be like everything else they used to love watching when they were young such as Barney or Zoom. Point in fact is that you'll only like it if your a 10 year old girl or younger. The action, suspense, drama, and comedy is all aimed for kids not adults or teens. I still find it amusing though but thats probley only because My sister and i use to love it when we were kids.

    anyway i give it a 7/10.
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    • Author: hardy
    this movie was really cute. I loved it! i watched it 2 times in a row..... I'm serious! MK and A are soooo cute in this. The outfits they wore were adorable. I really liked the music in it. this is a perfect family film. and it is really innocent. It makes one want to go live in Colorado. also to go horseback riding. it was soo cute with their moms diary! I loved it. Even if some of the movie was unrealistic...... HEY its a childish film..... its supposed to be fun and cute. I have always loved western films. and this one is a perfect film for the whole family. It reminds one of the innocent days. its what every kid dreams of. I loved it
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    • Author: Konetav
    The Olson Twins have fun in their movies and this is no exception. I thought that this is one of their cute movies because they like to add interesting facts and historical sites as well as cool locations. I like this one because this is a movie that you can have children get into without putting them to sleep. The girls bring fun and entertainment to the screen in which ever movie they make.
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    • Author: Xmatarryto
    This may not have been one of their best movies, but I still liked it. I'm a Olsen twin fan and I like all their movies, even their short videos. This movie was pretty good, and the Olsen twins did well. They are good actresses.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Mary-Kate Olsen Mary-Kate Olsen - Susie Martin
    Ashley Olsen Ashley Olsen - Jessica Martin
    Martin Mull Martin Mull - Bart Gafooley
    Michele Greene Michele Greene - Laura Forester
    Patrick Cassidy Patrick Cassidy - Stephen Martin
    Ben Cardinal Ben Cardinal - George
    Leon Pownall Leon Pownall - Leo McRugger
    Peg Phillips Peg Phillips - Natty
    Wes Tritter Wes Tritter - Cookie
    Heather Lea MacCallum Heather Lea MacCallum - Leona
    Shaun Johnston Shaun Johnston - Phil
    Daniel Libman Daniel Libman - Roger (as Dan Libman)
    Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Olsen - Girl in car (as Lizzie Olsen)
    Jacqueline Robbins Jacqueline Robbins - Twin #1
    Joyce Robbins Joyce Robbins - Twin #2
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