» » Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor The Tenth Day (2013– )

Short summary

Our Forgotten Doctor returns at long last in this new installment and our Christmas Special! After a long time of traveling alone on his search for Sasha at the hands of The Master, The Doctor investigates an odd signal which leads him to a small book store and to a familiar face. The two have to use their wits to and piece the mystery together and stop this threat before it ruins Christmas.

Episode cast overview:
Jevocas Green Jevocas Green - The Doctor
Rachel Marie Howell Rachel Marie Howell - Alix Grant
James Boykin James Boykin - Gavin Pensmythe
Edward deGruy Edward deGruy - Father / Lord Tserma
Franchesca Chase Franchesca Chase - Mother
Cindy Sherwood Cindy Sherwood - Aunt
Kayden Fooshee Kayden Fooshee - Patrick (Flute boy)
Jayven Cammon Jayven Cammon - Henry (Drummer boy)
Sammi Doneff Sammi Doneff - Milk Maid
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