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Bröderna Östermans huskors (1945) watch online HD

Bröderna Östermans huskors (1945) watch online HD
  • Original title:Bröderna Östermans huskors
  • Category:Movie / Comedy
  • Released:1945
  • Director:Ivar Johansson
  • Actors:Emy Hagman,Adolf Jahr,Artur Rolén
  • Writer:Ivar Johansson,Erik Lundegård
  • Duration:1h 44min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

The brothers Österman have come to realize that they need a housekeeper on their farm. Big brother Kalle travels to town and returns with the young Anna.

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    • Author: Olelifan
    Bröderna Östermans Huskors (1945) is probably best remembered for an (at least at the time) stirring nude sequence with the sweet Emy Hagman. The scene itself is pretty lame by today standards, but I could imagine how it was received back in the 1940s. The story involves maid Anna Söderberg (Hagman), who takes on her responsibility to transform lazy archipelago brothers Kalle (Jahr), Lasse (Rolén), Nisse (Elfström) in to civilized men, with table manors, and all a woman possibly could wish for. This film could have been a boring farce like so many other Swedish comedies produced at the time, but instead director Ivar Johansson together with Erik Lundegård created 104 minutes of Swedish joy. Personally I would say this was a pleasant surprise, to bad the end is disappointing.

    Filmed earlier in 1925, 1932 (Sweden), 1943 (Denmark) and later in 1967 (Denmark). Adapted from a play by Oscar Wennersten.
  • Cast overview:
    Emy Hagman Emy Hagman - Anna Söderberg
    Adolf Jahr Adolf Jahr - Kalle Oesterman
    Artur Rolén Artur Rolén - Lasse Oesterman
    John Elfström John Elfström - Nisse Österman
    Julia Cæsar Julia Cæsar - Helena Vestman
    Arthur Fischer Arthur Fischer - Janne Vestman
    Siegfried Fischer Siegfried Fischer - Vestman
    Agda Helin Agda Helin - Mrs. Storckenbrandt
    Eric Gustafson Eric Gustafson - Elof Storckenbrandt
    Nils Kihlberg Nils Kihlberg - Axel Olsson
    Aurore Palmgren Aurore Palmgren - Stina Olsson
    Solveig Wedin Solveig Wedin - Ella Vestman
    John Botvid John Botvid - Accountant
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