» » Mr. Miller Goes to Washington Starring Dennis Miller (1988)

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Free from the bounds of network TV, Miller aims his uncensored barbs at some suspecting and unsuspecting subjects, including TV commercials, convenience stores, Ronald Reagan, elderly drivers, Larry Storch, the National Enquirer, and many others.

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    • Author: Thomand
    This comedy special shows what was to become of Dennis Miller- 2 great TV shows, several movies and a 5 year stinch on Saturday Night Live as a newscaster (the best behind Norm MacDonald). He brings his great comedy to the stage, showing he has had practice in his years on the road (this was later made into an album called the Off-white album). Here, he rants about his days in the south (and a club called I don't get its), the International house of pancakes, a-holes, and many other things. Fun, but not for the dumb people who won't get it (like the people in the South, no offense). A
  • Cast overview:
    Dennis Miller Dennis Miller - Himself
    Edwin Newman Edwin Newman - Himself
    Ali Espley Ali Espley - The Stewardess
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