» » Aliens Vs Rednecks (2012)

Short summary

Two men, one mullet, one chance to save the world. Aliens Vs Rednecks follows two brother cousins as their home turf is invaded by cow abducting aliens. Scooter and Cooter collect the few remaining survivors and post up in their underground bunker. They are forced to fight back when they run out of whiskey and must venture to the surface in search of more booze. Aliens Vs Rednecks is a goofy, wild, flaky, dopey, cockamamie adventure. The characters are hyper exaggerated and easy to fall in love with.

Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Kristy Allen Kristy Allen - The Wife
Will Devokees Will Devokees - Guy
Jonathan Bastianelli Jonathan Bastianelli - Scooter
Paul Merril Paul Merril - Jeb
Anastasia Howarth Anastasia Howarth
Corey Bastianelli Corey Bastianelli - Cooter
Ben Farrington Ben Farrington - Aliens
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