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On the way to his ship, which is about to sail on a long voyage, Jack stops at Mary's home and declares his love. The few precious moments remaining are cherished by the lovers till sailing time when the girl accompanies her sweetheart to the dock to bid him a loving bon voyage. After some time of eager expectancy news from the absent reaches the girl, but the further destination of the vessel being undecided Jack is unable to give an advance address. He expresses the hope, however, of being home again in about thirteen months. While Jack is away the girl becomes an orphan through the death of her mother. Her misery is increased by the lack of news from the man she loves. The disconsolate girl closes her house and starts out to seek a living in a distant town. Jack has been unable to send a letter to Mary, but the tedium of the long voyage gives him many moments for thought of the girl he left behind. At last the vessel is homeward bound and the heartsick sailor writes his sweetheart ...

Original German title is undetermined.

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    • Author: Nicearad
    This story in two reels, picturing the love of a young wife for the sailor boy she had thought dead, is admirably handled throughout. The scenes at the last, where she goes down over the cliff to rescue her lover and the remarkable climb up the side, with the jealous husband threatening to cut the rope, are intensely fascinating. One of the best pictures of this type shown in a long while. The fore part of the story, in which the sailor goes away and the girl marries, is conventionally pictured, but entertaining. A good offering. - The Moving Picture World, April 25, 1914
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    Henny Porten Henny Porten
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