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John Preston, ranch owner, owes a large sum of money to Don Jose Praz. The Don's rascal son, Raphael, with the aid of an accomplice, steals some of Preston's cattle. Raphael loves Kate Preston and urges his father to press the matter of the notes as a lever to win Preston's consent to the marriage. Kate's heart, however, belongs to the foreman, Jack Deering. Unable to force Preston's consent, Raphael kidnaps the girl and carries her to a lone cabin. Game as every Western girl who has ridden the free plains, Kate fights him, but the villain's strength beats her down. The girl's horse has meanwhile run home. Jack, accompanied by the cowboys, starts on the trail. He arrives at the cabin and, after a death duel with the Mexican, kills him as the cowboys come up.

This is a lost film

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    • Author: shustrik
    A story of the great Southwest, with Murdock MacQuarrie, Agnes Vernon and Lon Chaney in the cast. Chaney appears as the villainous Mexican, who abducts the girl with his companions. The scenic effects are good and the situations, while very familiar, have a little more dash and go to them than usual. - The Moving Picture World, July 11, 1914
  • Cast overview:
    Murdock MacQuarrie Murdock MacQuarrie - Jack Deering
    Agnes Vernon Agnes Vernon - Kate Preston
    Lon Chaney Lon Chaney - Raphael Praz
    Seymour Hastings Seymour Hastings - John Preson
    Edgar Keller Edgar Keller - Don Jose Praz
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