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Summoned to a self contained digital universe, a young child with catlike features and eyes, waking up, learns about their role as 'the messiah'. And begins their journey, a pilgrimage, to restore the world's long dead sun.

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    • Author: Delaath
    Few games have actually succesfully managed to both blow my mind and pull my heart strings multiple times, Max Payne, Metal Gear Solid, Undertale and yes, this game too. The game was created by Eliza Velasquez and Casey Gu, as I understand there was an earlier freeware version of the game in 2014, however I didn't knew about OneShot until I casually saw it on the steam store in 2016, it caught my eye with it's art style so I considered purchasing it, a few months later I did and... just wow..., I consider Undertale to be one of the best games to be released in recent years and no joke, I consider OneShot of equal quality, this is a fantastic game, the game immediately makes a good first impression with it's art style and well realized atmosphere and when you start your journey to put the sun where it belongs (Yeah, that's the basic premise) you quickly realize, this game has great character designs, world building and funny and clever dialogues, I was really having a good time for a good chunk of the game, laughing and really caring for all the characters, but the game... also hits you in the feels. The first time I finished the game, the ending left me kinda cold, I'm just going to say, you get to make a choice and is sure as hell not an easy one. But the best part? The game was not really over, they also added an "expansion" of sorts which now is already included if you download the game, the "Solstice Run" and this really elevated the game, the first part was really good, but the Solstice Run is what made me put OneShot right alongside Undertale, the new characters you meet are very likable and the story expands quite a bit, you learn more stuff about the world and it's history. I have not talked about gameplay but that's because I feel that in that regard you should play the game blind, trust me, it will surely surprise you. And last but not least, the ending of the Solstice Run... I won't spoil it but... I'm someone who rarely ever cries because of a movie, a book or a game, very few have been able to get a tear out of me... Logan, the pacifist ending of Undertale, Inside Out to name some of the few..... after really finishing OneShot, I'm not going to lie, the ending left me in tears for about 10 minutes and I'm not ashamed to say that, if you play the game and get to that part without tearing up a bit... you might as well have no soul, that ending really got me right in the feels. OneShot is definitely a great game and a fantastic indie game, it does so much with so little and it's truly a shame that no many people know it, more people should definitely play it, this is an easy recommendation for anyone who likes video games.
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