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A documentary on design thinking and its impact on society and businesses.

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    • Author: Xtintisha
    A poor film for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it fails to provide any useful definition of the term 'design thinking'. There are several key figures that are interviewed (including IDEO lot Bill Moggridge, David Kelley and Tim Brown), but no examples of relevant projects. The only design project that is explained at all is concerned with syringe safety and has more to do with industrial design or perhaps engineering that it does with design thinking. Instead we are given a vague impression of the 'culture of creativity' that design thinking apparently encourages. Other relevant points are completely undeveloped.

    In addition to this, the film almost completely fails to recognise the considerable amount of criticism that design thinking has received over the past few years - indeed it seems more like an advertisement for the featured designers than a documentary.

    The editing was distracting and frustrating and the soundtrack nauseating (if I have to hear any more 'google-nursery-rhyme-plinky-plonk-xylophone-ukulele-claptrap' I think I might scream).

    I have tried to critique the film rather than design thinking itself, but it is hard to tell where one type of 'bad' starts and where the other stops. If you want a decent film about design, try one of Gary Hustwit's trio (Objectified, Helvetica, Urbanized). In general, designers tend not to be very good at talking about design, and perhaps this is the problem.
  • Credited cast:
    Sal Alito Sal Alito - Himself
    Sara Beckman Sara Beckman - Herself (archive footage)
    George Beylerian George Beylerian - Himself
    Andrew Brandeis Andrew Brandeis - Himself
    Tim Brown Tim Brown - Himself
    Matthew Cheney Matthew Cheney - Himself
    Brooke Estin Brooke Estin - Herself
    Dan Formosa Dan Formosa - Himself
    Molly Fuller Molly Fuller - Herself
    Stephen Gibbs Stephen Gibbs - Himself
    Sarah Stein Greenberg Sarah Stein Greenberg - Herself
    Richard Grefé Richard Grefé - Himself
    David Kelley David Kelley - Himself
    Roger Martin Roger Martin - Himself
    Jefferson McCarley Jefferson McCarley - Himself
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