» » Tennessee Valley Uncharted Dogs, Donuts, & Arrows (2014–2019)

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Erick is raiding the hills of Middle Tennessee to connect with some of the state's up-and-coming sportsmen and women. During his trip, he learns that from barks to bows, young Tennesseans are turning more and more to the outdoors to make sure they're performing at their best. On his way into town, Erick rolls into a shop that's using a clever concept to cater to canines. As the sun sets, he and the crew head out with a couple hounds that are hot on the trail of some country critters and learn all about competition coon hunting. Afterwards, Erick drops in for donuts at a tasty town favorite and tops off the trip by visiting some special outdoor enthusiasts who use archery to improve students' success in the classroom. So pull on your boots, brew a big pot of coffee and join Erick and the crew as they charge into the dark to track some of Middle Tennessee's treats and traditions.

Episode credited cast:
Erick Baker Erick Baker - Himself - Host
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