» » Am Doar 18 Ani (2014)

Short summary

An underachiever nerd is trying to have his 18th birthday as a coming of age party. Initially, it begins as a boring party but after a while, things get as chaotic as they can get until everyone gets to find out about the awesome party.

First film to be produced by Andrei Barbat.

During filming the whole apartment was vacated and the crew had the liberty to shoot as they desired for one and a half months. However, the shooting lasted for a bit under a month.

The graffiti and the wall drawing in the living room are still visible up to this date. (June 2018)

The film's idea came to Andrei Barbat a week after his own 18th birthday. However, the film was shot a year later, when he was 19, and only one person was 18 at the time of shooting.

Initially the film was to be shot in the summer of 2012 but due to time constraints it was pushed a year later.

Cast overview:
Andrei Barbat Andrei Barbat - Alex Dobre
Vlad-Cristian Popov Vlad-Cristian Popov - Radu Petrescu
Madalin Alexandru Negoita Madalin Alexandru Negoita - Dan Mihaiescu
Denisa Dragolici Denisa Dragolici - Raluca Dobre
Stefan Iulian Matei Stefan Iulian Matei - Johnny
Diana Ramona Grecu Diana Ramona Grecu - Andreea Begani
Daniel Pietrar Daniel Pietrar - Stefan Mihaiescu
Bogdan Paslaru Bogdan Paslaru - Snake
Florin Ciocotisan Florin Ciocotisan - Silviu Dobre
Costin Baroiu Costin Baroiu - Tudor
Simona Mihaela Dumitrache Simona Mihaela Dumitrache - Georgiana Zamfir
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