» » The Love Letter (1923)

Short summary

Mary Ann McKee, while working in an overall factory tucks mash notes in the overalls prepared for shipment. She becomes involved in a robbery executed by her boyfriend, Red Mike, but escapes and goes to the town from which she has received an answer to one of her notes. There Mary Ann marries blacksmith Bill Carter and is happy until Red Mike comes for her. The sight of Mary Ann saying farewell to her child causes Red Mike to relent, and he leaves the Carters in peace.

The Love Letter ( 1923 ) is a presumed lost silent film.

Cast overview:
Gladys Walton Gladys Walton - Mary Ann McKee
Fontaine La Rue Fontaine La Rue - Kate Smith
George Cooper George Cooper - Red Mike
Edward Hearn Edward Hearn - Bill Carter (as Edward Hearne)
Walt Whitman Walt Whitman - Reverend Halloway
Alberta Lee Alberta Lee - Mrs. Halloway
Lucy Donahue Lucy Donahue - Mrs. Carter (as Lucy Donohue)
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