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    • Author: santa
    The plot is completely silly and really does little more than provide a sort of fantasy backdrop and theme for settings and costumes, these being executed commendably.

    The beauty of this (and all other Steve Scott-directed works) is that this is an early 1980's example of typical high-end all male porn of that time. It is my opinion that during that time cinematographers with Hollywood experience were editing and producing these works. The masculine and hairy young men seemingly with more natural testosterone than young men of today have display their beautiful hairy, well-endowed assets in a way that can no longer be seen in today's porn, and very rarely in real-life circumstances. Review of these videos intended for home video release (although obviously shot on film) could well bring masculine hairy men back in fashion.

    Not every gay man wants to see shaved butt holes and attempts to make every guy appear to be 14 years old.
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    • Author: Bloodhammer
    Steve Scott recycled a couple of sets and most of the costumes he had assembled for his apparently accurate Western epic GREENHORN for this happy go lucky, wall to wall hunk-fest. While not one of his more ambitious works, GOLD RUSH BOYS definitely delivers a generous helping of scorching sex : nine (count 'em) full scenes in just under an hour !

    The setting is Kincaid's house of ill repute where horny gold diggers come to enjoy the charms of the bearded "Madam" (Michael Braun, star of Scott's DANGEROUS) and his stable of studs. Most of the action is confined to the house's salon and bedrooms but near constant heat never allows boredom to set in. Engaging newcomer Kurt Williams (also in Scott's 12 AT NOON), with a winning smile that could give the sun competition for sheer radiance, gets the lion's share of narrative attention as Kincaid's latest acquisition though massively membered blonde Nick Jarrett (from Mark Reynold's chicken-hawk classic SUMMER OF SCOTT NOLL) proved the picture's most popular performer. Guess there's a size queen slumbering in every single one of us ! Gasp as the late lamented Ben Barker (Michael Christopher's dirty shower buddy in Tom De Simone's superlative SKIN DEEP) effortlessly deep throats this man's mighty meat time and again, a scene that is sure to bring a tear to your eye and a lump to your pants.

    Cute Kurt's splendidly sensual encounter with gorgeously chiseled Joe Reeves (one of the sex-crazed surfers in Bill Higgins' California SUMMER) ranks as a close runner-up. Braun and Jarrett bring matters to a climax as they pay off the sheriff (superstar J.W. King from Higgins' legendary PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY) in kind. Swiftly paced sex scenes never wear out their welcome. Attentive viewers may notice that Scott always ends an encounter after one of the performers has ejaculated, something of a trademark for this director. Honkytonk music sets the appropriate mood. Only drawback is the overly bright lighting in some sequences. A good thing then that the cast is absolutely flawless.
  • Cast overview:
    Paul Monroe Paul Monroe - Jeremy Potter
    Lee Adams Lee Adams
    J.W. King J.W. King - Sheriff
    Rick Faulkner Rick Faulkner
    Ben Barker Ben Barker
    Steve Scott Steve Scott
    Nick Jarrett Nick Jarrett
    Mike Braun Mike Braun - Mr. Kincaid (as Michael Brawn)
    Kurt Williams Kurt Williams
    Brian Nichols Brian Nichols
    Joe Reeves Joe Reeves
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