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Briggs' suicide sends shock waves through the station and, in defiance of Coulson, everybody except Fenton attends the funeral though Carl's presence is upsetting to Mrs Briggs. David convinces Harry Sawyer and Annie that Ellis and head nurse Hartley are in fact former Nazis who experimented on concentration camp victims and they were given new identities by Morris though when they get to the hospital the pair have fled, Helped by Douglas the police track them down and, despite her father's misgivings, Annie is declared the hero of the hour.

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    • Author: MilsoN
    This by far the best season! I have been reading a lot about how lots of others are loving this new series too.

    I think we always worry about new cast members coming in to or joining a series you're kind of used to, but not this one! I Totally prefer the new WPC Annie Taylor. What an absolute breath of fresh air she brings to the programme.

    I am assuming is going to be a Series 4? (There has to be) and hopefully put on in the evenings? (prime time slot) This looks like a start to a brand new show! Sorry that Briggs has gone, what a fine actor! (on to new things I imagine)

    Series 4 (And many more) please!
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    • Author: Qumen
    WPC 56 (and particularly season 3) is or was essential viewing!

    An innovative crime show like this should NOT be taken off the TV, especially in it's infancy! And even more particularly since season 3 with the new WPC (Annie Taylor) took over and brought it to a new level!!!! What the heck is wrong with the BBC? Who's ever decision it is, or was to take it off is a real shame! and they need their head's checking! I really hope one of the other channels take it over, I am sure it would probably do better on ITV anyhow!

    I get a feeling that the new controller or boss who decides whether programmes stay or go are a bit of a SNOB, if something doesn't come from London then it's just not good enough.

    The Midlands is a fantastic place, especially to film with it's great history, locations and it's wonderful art and culture, something to be proud of! It's not all about London and Manchester you know! It should be about the great story's and talent!

    Get it back on the TV! Us fans should have a say!
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Claudia Jessie Claudia Jessie - WPC Annie Taylor
    Charles De'Ath Charles De'Ath - Sgt Sidney Fenton (as Charlie De'Ath)
    Olly Rix Olly Rix - DI Harry Sawyer (as Oliver Rix)
    James Barriscale James Barriscale - Desk Sgt John Swift
    Mark Healy Mark Healy - Chief Inspector Walter Briggs
    Liam Jeavons Liam Jeavons - PC Tommy Perkins
    Rachel Leskovac Rachel Leskovac - Susie Nightingale
    John Bowler John Bowler - Asst Chief Constable Arthur Coulson
    Matt Kennard Matt Kennard - David Meyer
    Sam Kennard Sam Kennard - Gabriel Meyer
    Sean Baker Sean Baker - Doctor Ellis
    Janet Dibley Janet Dibley - Iris Hartley
    Stephen Casey Stephen Casey - William Sheppard
    Charlotte Lucas Charlotte Lucas - Charlotte Briggs
    John Duttine John Duttine - Douglas Taylor
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