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Host Jimmy Carr attempts to solve the world's biggest problems through comedy.
Host Jimmy Carr attempts to solve the world's biggest problems through comedy.

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    • Author: Abywis
    I like Jimmy Carr. Yes, it's toned down compared to his usual stand-up, but I thought this was really funny. Hopefully more to come. As for the person who wrote this was like QI - they've obviously never seen it.
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    • Author: elegant stranger
    I guess its my fault that I watch a lot of British panel shows like 8 out of 10 cats or A league of their own. This has basically the same aesthetics to work but there is no chemistry. Its on the nose and pandering. Carr can do much better than this.
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    • Author: Ximathewi
    I think the show is great. Love how political it is.
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    • Author: Yalone
    This is a UK style panel show, targeted at the US audiences, viewable worldwide on Netflix.

    It covers topics such as gun control, drug taking and global warming, which are very touchy subjects in the US, so I imagine those are the reasons this show is getting bad reviews on this site. It mocks them, insults gun owners and global warming deniers. It highlights racial and sexist discrimination and makes jokes that will offend many strict opinionated people.

    However it does this while not swearing, and while it does have many sexual references, it is edited to not go too far.

    This is a stand-up comedy show with five comedians. All five are on one side of the argument (against) and so if you are expecting a discussion, this is not the show for that. It is about trying to make you laugh, and in that, they succeed.

    However anyone with the opposite opinion to there's, will probably be more angry and amused.

    For UK audiences this is a GREAT show. For American audiences, this is still a great show but they need to be able to laugh at their own society. We Brits are use to self-mocking, which happens a lot in this show. So most Americans will probably hate it. Canadians will love it though!
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    • Author: Monam
    I don't normally like Carr, but I, personally, love the more mature, less mean-spirited version of him. I also love the other comedians, and enjoyed watching the whole series in one sitting! Every joke isn't perfect but the atmosphere is ligthearted, and you can tell that the comedians are enjoying themselves.
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    • Author: Xig
    Refreshing, direct to the point comedy. Not much interpretation asked of the viewer because it's spelled out for you. Completely cathartic so sit back and let it wash over you.
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    • Author: Malalanim
    Very similar format to the British comedy panel show QI, but focusing on current events in the US. Teach episode focuses on a single topic and the comedian panel offers much needed political satire for the serious subjects they discuss. Very humorous, and I look forward to a follow up season.
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    • Author: Galubel
    It's sad watching a great comic talent like Carr selling his soul for a fist of dollars. The panel delivers punchlines and observation so dry it's physically painful to watch.

    Please, don't do this any more, Carr. Stop it.
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    • Author: Gozragore
    Carr's fake laugh for joke approval makes this show harder to watch than it should be.
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    • Author: Hiclerlsi
    Some notes (about season 1):

    • Episode 1 is one of the best. If you don't like it, this show is probably not your thing.
    • I'd recommend skipping episodes 3 and 4 on your first viewing.
    • This show is politically very left-wing. Might be annoying if you right-wing.
    • The host, Jimmy Carr, has this weird laugh. In "Funny Business", he says that his laugh really is just that weird. You get used to it after a while.
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    • Author: Hiylchis
    It's really sad to see how Jimmy Carr sold his soul to politically correct.

    Seems like it's difficult to Hughley being funny, always talking about being black.

    That girl just talks about feminism or how men suck.

    It's sad to see how Netflix spends my money on a terrible show like this.
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    • Author: Fearlesssinger
    This show is way to political, not really funny at all (maybe 2 laughs an episode). Admittedly only 2 episodes in.

    Had they of taken Sean Locke and John Richardson along as team captains it would probably have been decent, but alas, they didn't and it kinda sucks!

    Also Carr seems to either be taming himself, he can be a lot more ruthless and hilarious.
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    • Author: GYBYXOH
    I couldn't watch this show for the laughter track. Jimmy carr is very funny, why did Netflix ruin a potentially good show ?
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    • Author: Envias
    The jokes in the fix are awful . Maximum two laughs an entire episode. Jimmy Carr should of stuck with 8 out of 10 cats
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    • Author: Gadar
    When compared to the other performances that involve Jimmy Carr, this one is a delight to watch. It is nothing political as other reviews suggested, instead simply reflects the socio economic aspects of US and for that matter rest of the world as well.
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    • Author: Fegelv
    I love the no holds bar comedy. Nothing is sacred. Even though the ideas are satirical, they are mostly plausible (which is a lot more than you can say for the current "solutions"). I haven't laughed out loud this hard since Deadpool. Great show!
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    • Author: virus
    So I'm from US and have never watched a "UK panel show" that people refer to, but this seems like one. Carr is "The Host" but he really just banters with people, it's not like he judges contests or anything.

    Carr is funny but in an odd British way that takes some getting used to. He has an interesting chemistry with Katherine Ryan, like they might be friends IRL, that they should do more with. The Mrs took an instant dislike to Katherine, but I think it's the role she's playing.

    DL Hughley is phoning it in big time, and he looks like he is super high the entire time. He has some funny bits here and there but mostly seems out of place.

    The guest stars are hit or miss. Some are great, others are...ok. Haven't seen any truly awful ones yet but only 1/2 way through the season.

    This show alternates between being hysterical and slightly amusing.

    The show feels shorter than it's 30 minutes. I think they spend too much time chit chatting and joking in general before they get to the main topic. I think they can do a little fine tuning and get it down. The "data lady" Mona Chalabi does present some actual facts to counterbalance the yuk yuk's.... but someone needs to dress her better. Her outfits are a bit wacky and out of place.

    There is some cussing/foul language but I don't think it's over the top. I don't think I've heard too many F bombs.

    Overall it's funny and different... kind of reminds me of a funnier Politically Incorrect (the old ones anyway) but with comedians.

    Hey Netflix - are you reading this? You need to give Nicole Byer her own show STAT. She's a guest star on a couple of these and SHE IS HILARIOUS.

    Watch it. Have a cocktail or 4. It's funny.
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    • Author: Gtonydne
    Painfully boring and not funny, another reviewer compares this QI which leads me to believe they have not watched either. I can see the comparison to 8/10 cats, as it is like a less funny more boring version, although 8/10 cats works best in its Countdown version.
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    • Author: Kulwes
    Right-wing Americans will hate this show, just look at the votes already. Left-wings might think it's bizarre. Touchy and "trendy" people would go "what did they just say???" While I feel more like a realist, this just gets up as the "about time this gets to be nailed and joked about!" Worth watching indeed! Please let us have more in the future!
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    • Author: Nawenadet
    It breaks my heart to see such a funny comedy like Jimmy Carr sell his soul to the left just to make a quick buck.

    Wasn't funny in any way, the delivered lines were horrendous

    Just another left-wing indoctrination program because the right are rising and they're terrified.
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    • Author: Flower
    Easily the worst thing I've ever watched. Last about ten mins before having to turn it off. Complete left wing progressive nonsense.
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    • Author: Low_Skill_But_Happy_Deagle
    Right so I was bored on a Saturday night with nothing to do and I thought .. why not ? I blitzed through the whole series. D.L is so laid back that sometimes you're not sure he's awake and then BANG says something so funny it's worth him looking disinterested at times lol ! Katherine Ryan is so quick, witty, hilarious and always on message. Jimmys annoying laugh becomes bearable as he steers the ship into some very funny moments. . . BUT the best part is how they seem to be very conscious of keeping the panel diverse across gender and race. The guests are hilarious and the premise is is perfect. Well done.
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    • Author: Uylo
    I don't always agree with the politics (I'm Libertarian, and opinions of the hosts are definitely left), but I love this show. Catherine Ryan is especially funny, playing the "came from white trash" character she's created, and you sometimes see truly spontaneous wit from all of them.

    DL can be a little wooden sometimes but is very funny. I don't mind at all that he talks about being black, as someone complained in a review- it's his reality.

    The data girl really adds something, but her outfits are sometimes not that flattering to her, especially at the camera angles used.

    All in all- please do a lot more of this!
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    • Author: Rocksmith
    This is totally unwatchable for any adult. Thought I was watching Robin Tunny's new "The Fix" That is truly the only funny thing about this obnoxious comedic rhetoric. I watched the first episode waiting for the murder. The only thought I had was I hope he kills all of them & then I realized what I was watching. Now that was funny, not this show though!!!!
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    • Author: Uanabimo
    When the show keeps to comedy it is pretty dang funny, when they take on serious topics, they all sound quite stupid
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    Jimmy Carr Jimmy Carr - Himself - Host 10 episodes, 2018
    D.L. Hughley D.L. Hughley - Himself - Co-Captain / - 10 episodes, 2018
    Katherine Ryan Katherine Ryan - Herself - Co-Captain / - 10 episodes, 2018
    Mona Chalabi Mona Chalabi - Herself - Correspondent & Statistician 10 episodes, 2018
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