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The Nerd does a review to Sega's second and final attempt to expand the life span of the Sega Genesis, which is the 32x add-on. A mushroom shape hardware which you insert it inside the game slot of the Genesis. It allows you to play not only Genesis games but as well as 32x games. The Nerd's main complaint about it is that the 32x requires it's own AC adapter which creates a real problem when the plug outlet is already occupied with the plugs for the Genesis and Sega CD's AC adapters. The Nerd concludes that Sega's strategy in adding more features to the Genesis wasn't a smart move when both the Sega CD & 32x were better off being their own consoles rather than being add-on hardware.

The music playing while the 32X console burns is the level 1 theme from Super C.

The ending with the Nerd shooting a flaming arrow at the 32x was actually accomplished by April Rolfe's (his future wife) dad who is an outdoors man who owns his own hunting bow. The bow that James used for the scene is the same hunting bow that shot the flaming arrow and it was very tough for him to pull the bow for the filming of the scene. However he did managed to pull and shoot an arrow for the scene that appears in the final cut of the ending.

Episode cast overview:
James Rolfe James Rolfe - The Angry Video Game Nerd
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