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When Tony and Roger are trying to make a spacecraft fly, Jeannie does it with one blink. Tony tells her to get rid of it so she gives it to a boy in the park that has an inventor father. Tony gets accused of selling government secrets.

The scenes at the park were shot on the Columbia Ranch facility, now the Warner Ranch, Burbank California. The fountain is the same one seen during the opening credits of Draugai (1994).

Jeannie never wears her trademark pink harem outfit in this episode.

Jeannie (and then later Tony too) repeatedly says that the design for AGNES won't work because "the connective over extends into the jibran." This actually doesn't make any sense. Jibran is a boy's name in Arabic, meaning "reward."

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    • Author: Gholbirdred
    "Jeannie and the Secret Weapon" opens with Majors Nelson and Healey working on AGNES, which rouses Jeannie's jealousy until she learns that it stands for Anti-Gravity Nuclear Earth Station. One blink and she creates a miniature version, which naturally piques Dr. Bellows' curiosity. Aspiring inventor MacWhorter (Ron Masak) tries out his latest creation for son Jason (Sheldon Collins), this latest failure inspiring Jeannie to give the boy her toy AGNES to play with. MacWhorter makes off with AGNES, while her creator, Marvin Oglethorpe (Richard Schaal), argues with Dr. Bellows about the theft of this latest property from Astro Toys. This episode's one shot (and unnamed) general is played by Ed Prentiss.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Barbara Eden Barbara Eden - Jeannie
    Larry Hagman Larry Hagman - Major Anthony Nelson
    Hayden Rorke Hayden Rorke - Dr. Alfred Bellows
    Bill Daily Bill Daily - Major Roger Healey
    Ron Masak Ron Masak - MacWhorter
    Richard Schaal Richard Schaal - Marvin Oglethorpe (as Dick Schaal)
    Sheldon Collins Sheldon Collins - Jason MacWhorter
    Jeff DeBenning Jeff DeBenning - Beattie
    Ed Prentiss Ed Prentiss - General
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