» » Matlock The Power Brokers: Part 1 (1986–1995)

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A reporter in Wahsington is working on a story involving some powerful men. She has a source who wants money before she gives her more information. But when her source turns up dead she's charged with murder. Ben is hired to defend her. He goes to Washington and finds navigating the beltway most difficult.

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    • Author: Faezahn
    Extra efforts always seem to be made in those "two-parters" within the "Matlock" series. "The Power Brokers" was particularly special, considering its unique plot and the presence of heavies such as Ralph Bellamy, George Gaynes, and "Columbo"-famed Robert Culp. There is a specific element which draws my attention time after time upon repeated viewings: the priceless conclusion of the interplay between Matlock and the judge at its very end. Considering the circumstances and more appreciated when observing their relationship throughout the story, the writers could not have scripted a better tag to the finale. Although I give this episode no more than 7 of 10, I found the humor, excitement, and overall cleverness of that final dialogue to be more entertaining and inspiring than certain scenes of other episodes which I happen to rate even higher. The writing and directorial staff, Andy Griffith, and George Gaynes deserve extra credit for making this enjoyable twist occur.
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    • Author: Monam
    It is an interesting study to watch Andy Griffith mature as a person and actor during his career. Early, in movies like "No Time For Sergeants," Griffith effortlessly acted a backward country bumpkin, as if this was his real personality. This continued with the Andy Griffith Show, but you may detect a change in his character as the years went by as Sheriff Andy Taylor became more dignified, complete with changes in his voice as Griffith seemed to shift the buffoonery from his character to other regulars in Mayberry, most notably Don Knots and Goober and the town drunk. Finally, in "Matlock," Griffith is an accomplished actor and his character appears to match the real man, skillful in his craft and respected by everyone. There is no buffoonery in Matlock! Andy Griffith seemed to like the good looking women. Look at the picture in Wikipedia! And Nancy Stafford in this episode is showcased as a beauty!
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Andy Griffith Andy Griffith - Ben Matlock
    Nancy Stafford Nancy Stafford - Michelle Thomas
    Kari Lizer Kari Lizer - Cassie Phillips
    Kene Holiday Kene Holiday - Tyler Hudson (as Kene Holliday)
    Ralph Bellamy Ralph Bellamy - Sen. Lambert Crawford
    Robert Culp Robert Culp - Robert Irwin
    Nancy Dussault Nancy Dussault - Clarissa Irwin
    George Gaynes George Gaynes - Judge Hollis D. Dunaway
    Alan Fudge Alan Fudge - Paul Davies
    Gerry Gibson Gerry Gibson - Tom Shuford
    Dana Gladstone Dana Gladstone - Prosecutor Hobbs
    Isabella Hofmann Isabella Hofmann - Melinda Stuart
    Gregory Itzin Gregory Itzin - Michael Fitzmorris
    Bert Kramer Bert Kramer - Police Lieutenant Norris
    Jeanna Michaels Jeanna Michaels - Karen Wyler
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