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The Ski Bum (1971) watch online HD

The Ski Bum (1971) watch online HD
  • Original title:The Ski Bum
  • Category:Movie / Drama
  • Released:1971
  • Director:Bruce D. Clark
  • Actors:Zalman King,Charlotte Rampling,Joseph Mell
  • Writer:Bruce D. Clark,Romain Gary
  • Duration:2h 16min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

A ski instructor tries to teach a bunch of insanely eccentric people how to ski while dealing with everyone wanting his attention. This very 70's film is like a trip without the acid.

In 1967 Anatole Litvak was hired to direct. This was a high profile project for producer Joseph E Levine and George Segal remembers meeting writer Romain Gary and his wife Jean Seberg to discuss the role in Paris, but nothing came of it.

This was originally intended as a project for Peter O'Toole. He left the movie to make Liutas žiemą (1968) instead and the film was temporarily abandoned.

THE SKI BUM had its world premiere engagement in Seattle, WA, beginning on Wednesday, December 23rd, 1970.. Star Zalman King spent a few days in Seattle making personal appearances at local ski shops.

User reviews

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    • Author: Alsalar
    Here is another example of a film that could have ONLY been made in the '69-71' period. Things were loose, strange, in transition, crazy creative idea's abound. But here is a film I cannot for the LIFE of me understand why it has not received more attention or acclaim over the years. Not even a single comment here on he IMDB! (which is a rarity) I feel like I should write a detailed review of The Ski Bum, it deserves it. But somehow I'm in the same kind of mood Zalmon King's character was (looking exactly like a brooding young Sean Penn throughout the entire film) Charlotte Rampling does that 'ravenous kinky seductress' thing she does best, not unlike in "The Night Porter". I suspect the average simple minded movie-goer would not take an interest or understanding to this film due to it's 'stream-of-consciousness' nature. Average humans need to have cohesive plots and things explained, but they can't seem to handle sheer brilliance in it's many forms. I do not belong in this world. After seeing this film I realize that my interests, films, idea's will certainly NEVER 'fit in' to the real and practical world, so why am I here?
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    • Author: Faebei
    A colleague of mine lent me this movie. Apparently he bought it for 99 cents (or something). Based on the cover (hot-tub, two girls in bikinis, guy with mullet haircut) I was somewhat hesitant to watch it. But, it's raining today, so...

    First of all, the cover has NOTHING to do with the movie. It is NOT an action movie, despite what the synopsis says. There is NO action, no violence... there is NO GUY WITH A MULLET!

    What we DO have, however, is what appears to be a UCLA film student's project (check the end credits). The opening credits were obviously chopped off to make way for the random title "Point Zero" which isn't the title of the movie at all.

    If you enjoy late-60's thrown-together stoned-out flicks, you'll probably love this (especially the scene in Aspen where we meet some funny hippie dudes just... hanging loose).

    It's no use to tell you what the movie is about in detail, so I'll make it quick: Ski "bum" gets job teaching rich dude's family how to ski and gets wrapped up in shady business transactions. He struggles to maintain his hippie ideals and not sell-out to the man, dig?

    Three things: 1) be prepared for some great "echoplex" tape echo effects on the audio while our hero freaks out constantly. 2) check out a very young Jackson Browne playing guitar at the steam-bath party 3) the music in the movie is by Joseph Byrd (of the band "United States of America" which is classic late 60's acid-drenched psyche music - Beatles meets Charles Ives with many electronic gadgets. worth checking out.)

    Peace- DJE
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Zalman King Zalman King - Johnny
    Charlotte Rampling Charlotte Rampling - Samantha
    Joseph Mell Joseph Mell - Burt Stone
    Dimitra Arliss Dimitra Arliss - Liz Stone
    Tedd King Tedd King - Maxwell Enderby
    Dwight Marfield Dwight Marfield - Doctor Walter Graham
    Freddie James Freddie James - Brad Stone
    Lori Shelle Lori Shelle - Lisa Stone
    Pierre Jalbert Pierre Jalbert - Roger
    Anna Karen Anna Karen - Golda Lanning
    Paul Jabara Paul Jabara - Rocco
    Michael Lerner Michael Lerner - Rod
    Don Campbell Don Campbell - Randy
    Noah Keen Noah Keen - Marty (as Noah Keene)
    David Chow David Chow - Otto
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