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Sitcom stars Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman offer the details of their sex lives, and hilariously so, at their Summer of 69: No Apostrophe tour at the Majestic Theatre, Dallas.

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally met at a play they both starred on in 2002.

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    • Author: Kefrannan
    If you are a fan of either of these comic minds, you should be watching this right now instead of reading my review!

    They deliver their specialist brand of humor together as the lovely/sexy couple we love them as. Truly loved their banter and song routines for each other!

    I am saddened to see the rating here so low, but looking at the demographic information, I can only assume too many outside of the demographic this was meant for have been rating away.

    I can honestly say this lovingly crafted special from start to finish is another delicious slice of Megan-Nick magic!
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    • Author: Quynaus
    I saw these two on Kimmel and thought: what the heck. I like the work they do apart, so why not give them a try.

    What a filthy, dirty, hilarious, side-splitting hour of weirdness.

    They present their marriage as a picture of craziness and warped expectations.

    She destroys him at every turn and he seems grateful for the the attention.

    I laughed out loud, a LOT.

    If you're looking for an hour of weirdness and honest-to- goodness love, catch this fine entertainment.
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    • Author: Adrierdin
    A filthy, dirty hoot. For the fans. Not for the 1/10 reviewer in the comments here.
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    • Author: Gozragore
    Any wit, timing and humanity are absent from this performance and her pretentious and relentless charade of worldly defeatism doesn't work. Being gross can be funny but there has to be some context, some originality and some relative experience for the viewer to engage with.

    I'd have to seriously question the professional judgment of the Netflix team that saw this past the ideas stage! I'm assuming that they are all her friends or they divvied up her paycheck!

    My question is: How is this person a household name? Thankfully, nobody I know or am connected with openly admits to liking her unique talent for attention seeking!
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