» » Rescue Special Ops Episode #1.13 (2009–2011)

Short summary

Rescue are called to an emergency involving an oil tanker which crashed into several vehicles trying to avoid a pram. During the rescue they discover that the pram contained a crying doll and was created by the HQ intruder as he streamed the accident video to Lara's phone. After Lara leaves to return to Rescue HQ to prepare for her wedding Dean realises Lara's life is in danger from the violent stalker. But can he rescue her in time? Elsewhere, Heidi nominates Jordan as her fall-back guy if she hasn't met anyone by the time she is 30 and he agrees.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Daniel Amalm Daniel Amalm - Jordan Zwitkowski
Gigi Edgley Gigi Edgley - Lara Knight
Katherine Hicks Katherine Hicks - Heidi Wilson
Les Hill Les Hill - Dean Gallagher
Andrew Lees Andrew Lees - Chase Gallagher
Peter Phelps Peter Phelps - Vince Marchello
Libby Tanner Libby Tanner - Michelle Letourneau
Craig Ward Craig Ward - Frank
Ric Chapman Ric Chapman - Mick
Kyle McLeavy Kyle McLeavy - Young Video Guy
Martin Dingle Wall Martin Dingle Wall - Jake Hudson
Michael Bongiorno Michael Bongiorno - Ambo
Tim Harding Tim Harding - Steve
Leah Etkind Leah Etkind - Bree
Scott McLean Scott McLean - Garden Truck Driver
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