» » Ghost Squad Death from a Distance (1961– )

Short summary

Recruited into the GS team on a special mission to ensure the safety of a visiting president. Det. Insp. Brett's methods raise a few eyebrows - none higher than than Craig's, who asks if the newcomer is all that he seems.

Scenes outside Chelsea football stadium denotes filming took place in August 1960.

Episode cast overview:
Donald Wolfit Donald Wolfit - Sir Andrew Wilson
Michael Quinn Michael Quinn - Nick Craig
Angela Browne Angela Browne - Helen Winters
William Sylvester William Sylvester - Brett
Hazel Court Hazel Court - Jackie
Anton Diffring Anton Diffring - Router
John Le Mesurier John Le Mesurier - Volgu
Angela White Angela White - Sonia
Moira Redmond Moira Redmond - Susie
Douglas Wilmer Douglas Wilmer - Kartalis
Harold Kasket Harold Kasket - Michaelis
John Crawford John Crawford - Pavelich
Roger Delgado Roger Delgado - Holgar
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