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In this contemporary light adaptation of French writer Guy de Maupassant's tantalising short story entitled "Idylle", the unusual environment of a sweltering railway passenger carriage provides the ideal backdrop for an extraordinary relationship between two perfect strangers. As the train zooms past visually overwhelming landscapes towards its final destination on a bright sultry day, the delicate intrigue and the burgeoning intimacy will soon lead to an unforeseen act of empathy and kindness.

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    • Author: asAS
    Up until I have seen the work of Yes Men I was not aware that art is holding so much junk simply because it is practically a shield within the white Western world. But it is. All you have to do is get support from people already sworn in the gang and any piece of junk can receive protection.

    I have nothing against fetish or fetishists. But this is no remake of Guy's also fetish story. First of all Guy has a Christian fetish in mind. Than the story was built with an overweight peasant woman and a underweight poor workers. In this case it is the regular porn movie fare: a younger woman, quite urban in appearance and a much older and probably richer man. So what's the connection with a 19th century French pulp writer? Art. He is long dead, so he is an artist. The producers pretend to make something with a text of his, so it must be art too.

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    Emma de Caunes Emma de Caunes - Woman
    Dougray Scott Dougray Scott - Man
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