» » Station Afrika (1948)

Short summary

Together with his wife Carin and their little son Lasse, Helge Tellberg is in the position of leaving Sweden to become a missionary in Rhodesia.

Cast overview:
Victor Sjöström Victor Sjöström - Vicar
Rune Lindström Rune Lindström - Helge Tellberg
Carin Cederström Carin Cederström - Carin
Lars Lindström Lars Lindström - Lasse
Nils Dahlgren Nils Dahlgren - Henrik Ljung
Carl Ström Carl Ström - Bishop
Åke Fridell Åke Fridell - Carlsson
Signe Lundberg-Settergren Signe Lundberg-Settergren - Maria
Erik Forslund Erik Forslund - Old Man
Lena Mbuisa Lena Mbuisa - Estina, wife of Esau
Pedro Tapareza Pedro Tapareza - Esau
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