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Girl is going to a seaside with her boyfriend, but ends up locked and prepared for sex trafficking.

Original title in serbian language is 'Igre u tami'.

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    • Author: Balhala
    Seemingly dark story with ominous feeling...but actually this is a beautiful story...tragic but moving and beautiful.It makes you feel like you are in theater and they are on stage.Based on old short story by renewed Serbian writer Ivo Andric ,Aska and Wolf .Main female character Aska is dancing for her life,for survival it ,feel it ...enjoy.
  • Cast overview:
    Tamara Dragicevic Tamara Dragicevic - Aska
    Viktor Savic Viktor Savic - Vuk
    Vuk Kostic Vuk Kostic - Obrad
    Vladislava Milosavljevic Vladislava Milosavljevic - Zivana
    Igor Damnjanovic Igor Damnjanovic - Fadilj (as Igor Damjanovic)
    Borka Tomovic Borka Tomovic - Rada
    Nenad Nenadovic Nenad Nenadovic - Sole
    Miodrag Radonjic Miodrag Radonjic - Luidji
    Srdjan Malotic Srdjan Malotic - Agim (as Srdjan Malotic Zolja)
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