» » Boneshakers (1999)

Short summary

Nathon is a leader of a group of SF City Bicycle messengers who discovers a plot by a criminal syndicate to kidnap street people to harvest their organs for sale on the black market. He must ultimately face off with Mafia killer Nico to save his girlfriend from a similar fate.

Credited cast:
George Alvarez George Alvarez - Young Homeless Escapee
Cecile Blaser Cecile Blaser - Mayor's Secretary
Eric Cade Eric Cade - Toothpick
Bob Castillo Bob Castillo - Surgeon #2
Chris Paul Catalano Chris Paul Catalano - Rami
Dan L. Connolly Dan L. Connolly - Main Guard
Johnny Dixon Johnny Dixon - Racer
Shawn Flanagan Shawn Flanagan - Felix
Howard Fong Howard Fong - Hank
Kevin Gaunt Kevin Gaunt
Jerry Cure Jerry Cure - Surgeon #1
Faye Lumley Faye Lumley - Homeless Woman
Ron Montana Ron Montana - Russell
Sean O'Kane Sean O'Kane - Detective
Michael Paim Michael Paim - Mayor's bodyguard
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