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Family Ties A, My Name Is Alex (1982–1989) watch online HD

Family Ties A, My Name Is Alex (1982–1989) watch online HD
  • Original title:A, My Name Is Alex
  • Category:TV Episode / Comedy / Family
  • Released:1982–1989
  • Director:Will Mackenzie
  • Actors:Meredith Baxter,Michael Gross,Michael J. Fox
  • Writer:Gary David Goldberg,Gary David Goldberg
  • Duration:1h
  • Video type:TV Episode

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Short summary

Alex agrees to help a friend, but when his friend arrives late. Alex turns him down because his friend has thrown off Alex's schedule, his friend races to complete his task all alone. When his friend dies in an accident caused by his haste, Alex is plagued by guilt and grief.

Originally ran for an hour when it premiered. The second half was run without any commercials for dramatic effect.

The season 5 two-part episode "A, My Name is Alex" was named one of the top 100 TV episodes of all time by TV Guide and is widely considered by fans the greatest episode of the series.

User reviews

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    • Author: Brakree
    This was like watching "Our Town" By Thornton Wilder, but better ~ with the established characters of "Family Ties". Michael J. Fox was never so brilliant in bringing all of Alex's character traits into the light for examination.

    We are taken through never-seen-before memories of Alex's young life, as he reflects on the meaning of life, while facing a personal tragedy. We are given several glimpses into Alex's growing up years, which explains some of the reasons he has grown up as he has.

    I was charmed to see how impressionable & vulnerable Alex could be. In a regular episode, we might see a second of the Alex-deep-down; but here, and the concluding next episode; we become part of Alex' psyche as we wrestle with him through a pivotal moment in his life.

    As an actor, I have never seen Mr. Fox be so compelling & likable as he was in these episodes. I rooted for his character while I applauded the skill of the young man on stage.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Meredith Baxter Meredith Baxter - Elyse Keaton (as Meredith Baxter Birney)
    Michael Gross Michael Gross - Steven Keaton
    Michael J. Fox Michael J. Fox - Alex P. Keaton
    Justine Bateman Justine Bateman - Mallory Keaton
    Tina Yothers Tina Yothers - Jennifer Keaton
    Brian Bonsall Brian Bonsall - Andrew 'Andy' Keaton
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Richard McGonagle Richard McGonagle - Brother Timothy
    Brian McNamara Brian McNamara - Greg
    Marc Price Marc Price - Irwin 'Skippy' Handelman
    Scott Valentine Scott Valentine - Nick Moore
    David Wohl David Wohl - Psychiatrist (voice)
    Meg Wyllie Meg Wyllie - Mrs. Leahy
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