» » Doki Skateboard Showdown/Team Doki's Big Adventure (2014– )

Short summary

Fico is eager to prove to his cousin Rico that he's the better skateboarder. So they all head to a skate park in SHANGHAI, CHINA, to enter a big competition. But they discover that it's a team event. To compete, Fico must teach the rest of Team Doki who are novices to skate very well. But Fico's only teaching technique is 'watch me'. How can Fico teach them to skateboard? As they practice, they find that each of them has a different learning style, which Fico can use to teach them the skills. But will they learn enough to win? And for that matter is it really so important to be the best/When a day at the carnival makes the Team feel small, Mundi muses about what it would be like to be a giant. Doki is sure giants don't exist - until they're invited to come and be giants, at a Giant Festival. But how can we be giants? They set off to DOUAI, FRANCE to find out. On arrival, they literally run into two giants. Fortunately, they turn out to be hollow statues that once fixed the Team can ...

Episode credited cast:
Collin Dean Collin Dean
Tara Emo Tara Emo - Mundi (voice)
Katie Grant Katie Grant - Anabella (voice)
Griffin Hook Griffin Hook - Doki (voice)
Jacob Horsley Jacob Horsley - Rico (voice)
Caden Hughes Caden Hughes - Oto (voice)
Lucas Kalechstein Lucas Kalechstein - Fico (voice)
Jenny Maria Meyer Jenny Maria Meyer - Gabi (German version)
Sarah Sheppard Sarah Sheppard - Gabi (voice)
Carter Treneer Carter Treneer - Richard (voice)
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