» » Meiles sukuryje Der Verdacht (2005– )

Short summary

Season 15, episode 3. After the raid: Xenia denies Christoph's accusation that she is Henning's ally. She informs Henning about what happens in Fürstenhof. Xenia wants to make Joshua more suspect. Robert thinks that his son is involved. Denise gives Joshua truffles and means that he is a great guy. DCI Meyser seeks through Joshua's locker and Xenia makes big eyes when they don't find anything suspect; there should be an expensive watch in it. Romy calms Paul down by making him clear that the stolen money will be covered by the hotel insurance. Paul wants to declare an amount over the 4,000 euro that is lost. Meyser interrogates Paul and Romy separately. Eva struggles with the kiss she gave Christoph in her dream. Christoph shows Annabelle the Tobias Ehrlinger-file. She spots strange transactions on his old bank account. Christoph suspects that Tobias is a slumbering gambling addict. Christoph demands Boris to pay his debt in the height of 500,000 euro to him within four weeks. Tobias ...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Helen Barke Helen Barke - Denise Saalfeld
Jenny Löffler Jenny Löffler - Annabelle Sullivan
Julian Schneider Julian Schneider - Joshua Winter
Uta Kargel Uta Kargel - Eva Saalfeld
Lorenzo Patané Lorenzo Patané - Robert Saalfeld
Antje Hagen Antje Hagen - Hildegard Sonnbichler
Sepp Schauer Sepp Schauer - Alfons Sonnbichler
Dirk Galuba Dirk Galuba - Werner Saalfeld
Joachim Lätsch Joachim Lätsch - André Konopka
Dieter Bach Dieter Bach - Christoph Saalfeld
Elke Winkens Elke Winkens - Xenia Saalfeld
Florian Frowein Florian Frowein - Boris Saalfeld
Erich Altenkopf Erich Altenkopf - Michael Niederbühl
Melanie Wiegmann Melanie Wiegmann - Natascha Schweitzer (credit only)
Christin Balogh Christin Balogh - Tina Kessler
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