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    • Author: Taulkree
    Parorama of Orphans' Home (1900)

    On September 8th, 1900, the city of Galveston was hit by a hurricane and tidal wave, which would end up costing more than 2500 lives. With winds of up to 135mph, many considered this one of the deadliest storms of its time and the Edison studio sent cameras down there to capture some of the aftermath. I'm sure many would see this as some sort of exploitation as there's no question the studio would have made a lot of money but today it's interesting to see this footage simply from a historical point of view.

    Another entry in Edison's series on the Galveston hurricane/tidal wave that killed over 2500 people. The footage here lasts just under 50-seconds but the opening shot is simply breath-taking with the devastation that we see. This incredibly big house is just ripped to shreds with the majority of the roof being ripped off and the mammoth hole in the top of this building is just shocking to witness. I'm not sure if anyone was killed but it's just shocking to see such damage even when we've seen so much of this stuff in the past few years. The camera-work is quite good for its time and it's slow panorama is quite striking and really hits a nerve.
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