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Short summary

Mercy for Earth, explores why we are in our current ecological state, provides an attainable and permanent solution which may just answer the question, why are we here? With the participation of leading, scientists, politics, children and educators, the film is based on the theory of generational education, which is a viable solution to the environmental and social challenges we all face.

Credited cast:
Suzy Amis Suzy Amis - Herself
Irina Bokova Irina Bokova - Herself - Bokova, Irina
Victor Boneva Victor Boneva - Chico Mendes
Benicio Del Toro Benicio Del Toro - Himself
Jacque Fresco Jacque Fresco - Jacque Fresco - Founder of The Venus Project
Paul Koretz Paul Koretz - Himself - Los Angeles City Council
Stephen Leahy Stephen Leahy - Stephen Leahy, International Environmental Journalist
Roxanne Meadows Roxanne Meadows - Herself - Meadows, Roxanne
Ingrid Newkirk Ingrid Newkirk - Ingrid Newkirk- President & Founder of PETA
Rajendra Pachauri Rajendra Pachauri - Himself - Pachauri, Rajendra
Charles Saylan Charles Saylan - Himself - Saylan, Charles
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