» » Blue Heelers Dancing with the Devil: Part 2 (1994–2006)

Short summary

The prowler is getting more bolder and assaults a police officer and then taunts them. The mother of one victim is so upset and angry that the police have to resolve this but its taking time. The local clergyman is trying to help some men, with just this sort of issues but won't give the police the information on who they are.

Episode cast overview:
Rupert Reid Rupert Reid - Const. Jack Lawson
Paul Bishop Paul Bishop - Sr. Const. Benjamin 'Ben' Stewart
Tasma Walton Tasma Walton - Const. Deirdre E. 'Dash' McKinley
Julie Nihill Julie Nihill - Christine 'Chris' Reilly
Martin Sacks Martin Sacks - Sr. Det. Patrick Joseph 'P.J.' Hasham
Lisa McCune Lisa McCune - Acting Sgt. Margaret 'Maggie' Doyle
John Wood John Wood - Senior Sgt. Tom Croydon
Brian Lipson Brian Lipson - Robin Summerhayes
John Sheedy John Sheedy - Alex Prentice
Catherine Wilkin Catherine Wilkin - Sally Downie
Kate Hood Kate Hood - Jill Fowler
Katie Campbell Katie Campbell - Margaret Fowler
Stephanie Daniel Stephanie Daniel - Eleanor Prentice
Eileen Price Eileen Price - Mrs. Fellows
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