» » Da Vinci's City Hall Ready to Call in the Horses (2005–2006)

Short summary

The issue of the fire inspection notice at the grow-op site comes into question. Da Vinci thinks it a little too convenient that one was found after a series of seasoned investigators didn't find it in their initial walk-through. Winters admits in confidence to Klotchko that she is unsure that a notice was at the scene. And even Jacobs admits he is skeptical. Klotchko tries to manage the situation internally, seeming to support Ferris in whatever she needs, while not allowing her back to work. He will not even allow her to attend Tremaine's funeral. The fire and police committee does however come back with a recommendation for a coordinated approach to grow-ops, which delights Da Vinci. A B&E occurs at the Coroner's office, and Leary's computer which was stolen. This may have something to do with Dubreau, as Dubreau, Norton and Curtis confer about managing the situation, which includes keeping tabs on Manny Zappata. Despite the theft, the investigation continues: Leary has identified ...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Nicholas Campbell Nicholas Campbell - Mayor Dominic Da Vinci
Mylène Dinh-Robic Mylène Dinh-Robic - Rita Mah
Benjamin Ratner Benjamin Ratner - Sam Berger
Ian Tracey Ian Tracey - City Coroner Mick Leary
Hrothgar Mathews Hrothgar Mathews - Sgt. Charlie Klotchko
Brian Markinson Brian Markinson - Police Chief Bill Jacobs
Venus Terzo Venus Terzo - Det. Angela Kosmo
Patrick Gallagher Patrick Gallagher - Det. Joe Finn
Colin Cunningham Colin Cunningham - Det. Brian Curtis
Eugene Lipinski Eugene Lipinski - Lloyd Manning
Stephen E. Miller Stephen E. Miller - Inspector Zack McNab
Charles Martin Smith Charles Martin Smith - Joe Friedland
Chris Britton Chris Britton - Richard Norton
Gerard Plunkett Gerard Plunkett - Chief Coroner Bob Kelly
Tiffany Lyndall-Knight Tiffany Lyndall-Knight - Billie Simms
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