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    • Author: Wenes
    Two bear cubs are playing outdoors when they encounter a hunter and his dog. When they return to their cave, their mother tells them about humans and their guns, so they practice walking on their hind legs and carrying sticks until they appear to be humans. When they encounter some animals, they are fooled at first. Then the cubs encounter a real human hunter, with a gun and dogs.

    Sanae Yamamoto was a Japanese anime director, best known in the US for his feature, GULLIVER'S TRAVELS BEYOND THE MOON. In this long cartoon (11 minutes), made eight years into running his own studio, he combines several techniques to cut production costs, including looping, limited animation (articulating only the limbs), and silhouettes to make detail work unnecessary, yet he does so in such a graceful and becoming fashion, that they seem purely artistic choices, rather than economic ones.
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