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Short summary

Realityshow where economists and lawyers help out people who are spending money way over their non existing budget, and are just about to go bankrupt due to private debt.

Credited cast:
Jonas Bakkevig Jonas Bakkevig - Himself - Psychologist
Magne Gundersen Magne Gundersen - Himself - Consumer Economist
Hallgeir Kvadsheim Hallgeir Kvadsheim - Himself - MBA
Cecilie Lynum Cecilie Lynum - Herself - Psychogist
Silje Sandmæl Silje Sandmæl - Herself - Consumer Economist
Robert Speare Robert Speare - Himself - Psychologist
Christian Vennerød Christian Vennerød - Himself - MBA
Hilde Christie Wright Hilde Christie Wright - Herself - Commentator
Elin Ørjasæter Elin Ørjasæter - Herself - Commentator
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