» » Days of Our Lives Episode #1.9436 (1965– )

Short summary

Colin consoles Jen about Bo having murdered Lexie. Lucas can't share Kate's firm belief Billie will come out of her coma and is against her trying to be there constantly. Craig warns Nancy not to get involved, stress could hurt the baby Chloe's life depends on too. Turbulence over the Rockies forces Brady and Chloe's plane to an emergency landing in Denver; as they are stuck for days, Brady takes a rental car, but they get lost in the fog and may have hit some creature. John manages with effort to find Marlena who gets strange memories gazing at a monumental bed, John finds her prints from years ago. Craig spots Sykes and rushes after him while Nancy and Kate confirm each-others maternal intensity; when Sykes steps in a bear trap in the barn he was hiding in, Craig leaves.

Episode credited cast:
Matthew Ashford Matthew Ashford - Jack Deveraux
Tanya Boyd Tanya Boyd - Celeste Perrault
Matt Cedeño Matt Cedeño - Brandon Walker
Jason Cook Jason Cook - Shawn-Douglas Brady
Deidre Hall Deidre Hall - Dr. Marlena Evans Black
Drake Hogestyn Drake Hogestyn - John Black
Renée Jones Renée Jones - Lexie Carver
Melissa Reeves Melissa Reeves - Jennifer Horton
James Reynolds James Reynolds - Abe Carver
Ryan Scott Ryan Scott - Harold Wentworth
Charles Shaughnessy Charles Shaughnessy - Shane Donovan
Kevin Spirtas Kevin Spirtas - Craig Wesley
Kirsten Storms Kirsten Storms - Belle Black
Alison Sweeney Alison Sweeney - Sami Brady
Josh Taylor Josh Taylor - Roman Brady
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