» » Second City This Week Oscar Duh! Winners and Losers. (2011– )

Short summary

Sketches THIS WEEK included: BIG NIGHT by Amanda Lazar, OSCAR COVERAGE by Steve Brewster, OSCAR SPEECH by Joshua Banday, A NEW FRAGRANCE by Andrew Payne, THE EVASION TEAM by Julian Clark, WALKER DOO by Robert Chan, I HEART JOE by Sachiko White, A 2011 MARRIAGE by Julian Clark, NPR by Brian Nichols, FOX NEWS RESIGNATIONS by Matt Clisbee, HOT TALK by Bill Kelly, OPRAH'S FAVORITE THINGS by Marc Warzecha, CELEBRITIES FUND by Janel Benisch, and I'M JUST A HEALTHCARE BILL by Steve Brewster.

Episode cast overview:
Nyima Funk Nyima Funk - Celebrity Guest
George Caleodis George Caleodis - Anchor / Various
Josh Banday Josh Banday - Various
Julian Clark Julian Clark - Various
Brian James Hunt Brian James Hunt - Various
Hep Jamieson Hep Jamieson - Various
Tom Krause Tom Krause - Various
Amanda Lazar Amanda Lazar - Various
Benjamin Brian Nichols Benjamin Brian Nichols - Various (as B. Brian Nichols)
Sachiko White Sachiko White - Various
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