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A brother and sister with a past incestuous relationship have a current murderous relationship. He murders the women who reject him and she murders the women who get too close to him.

Eric was treated at a Smith Grove mental hospital. The character Michael Myers in John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) escaped from Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

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    • Author: Uriel
    i've always thought zach galligan was a little cutey, especially in gremlins, where he played the lovable doofus. i should have known something was up when the movie started and he was trying to come off as some slick, suave romantic type. WRONG!! he couldn't pull this role off if it was a loose pair of drawers.

    the story idea is pretty good, but it just does not work with these wooden performances. even if you're really bored, don't waste your time on this one.
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    • Author: Doriel
    A big disappointment. With Zack Galligan, from GREMLINS, I expected to see more. However, not all his fault. Story was trite and not a surprise. Doug Campbell's direction was pretty good. But the story was just plain awful. Really, killing off all those people, and no one sees him? Come on. And such a looker he was. Why did he have such a hard time finding a girl? Hard to believe this handsome fella had to go to the lengths he did to find true love.

    And his lady love was a lot to be desired. Ashley Laurence had one expression throughout the movie. Lips slightly parted and a vacant stare in her eyes. She acts like the world is going on outside her brain but she's not aware. Funny, when she gets cornered in the attic she suddenly has all this fire and brimstone. Sorry, didn't buy it. I had no sympathy for her. In fact was sorry she won out in the end.

    Mary Crosby, cast as the incestuous sister to Galligan, gave a surprisingly different and interesting performance. I liked her in this. Usually cast as the innocent girl-next-door type, she turned in a very fine performance, in spite of some hideous lines. Also such a waste to see Michael Bowen in a small role. I like this actor.

    So, I give this silly film a 3 because I respect Galligan, Crosby and Bowen's talents.
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    • Author: Golden freddi
    Once again Ashley "THE DEMON KILLER" Laurence has managed to change a low-budget TV movie into a world famous money-making success. As with her earlier successes (Triplecross, Hellraiser 1/2, Americanski blues etc) the film is filled with all the bad language, sex and violence that helped me through childhood, but this time, my fellow Ashley-girl fans, she is taking her fair share of the action.
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    • Author: Delalbine
    My name dosen't have to do with the movie! I was born on Valentines day...

    I still haven't decided if I like this movie or not! Zach Galligan gives a great performance, and looks really good in it though.

    The plot is basically Eric(Galligan) is obsessed with the myth of "Cupid and Psyche". He keeps trying to find the right girl, to spend eternity with, like the myth. But when they don't work out, he kills them...
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    • Author: Tto
    A brother (Zach Galligan) and sister (Mary Crosby) with a past incestuous relationship have a current murderous relationship. He murders the women who reject him and she murders the women who get too close to him.

    I watched this film because I was craving some Zach Galligan, and it was an added bonus to have him co-starring with the wonderful Ashley Laurence (a nice person and an under-appreciated actress). Sadly, this was not his best role, and I think he may have played up the creep factor just a big too much. (I get that he needed to be creepy, but it seems like it built up too quickly, without really showing off the romantic side first.) Mary Crosby was excellent, and I wish I had known who she was before going into the viewing. (I never watched "Dallas", which seems to be her claim to fame, besides being the daughter of Bing Crosby.)
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    • Author: Sudert
    I knew this was going to be a memorable film the moment Eric Rhodes met Jennifer Taylor at the book shop counter and the two discovered they both liked a book called "Love's Ambrosia." Snort.

    I never would have suspected that Billy from "Gremlins" could give an adequate portrayal of a psycho, but I confess, I was wrong. He plays a believable nut case. He lives to find his soul mate, and when he meets Jennifer Taylor, he even consults his astrological charts to be certain that she is the one. Poor Jennifer. Between Eric Rhodes and her no-good musician ex-boyfriend Richard who has followed her to California and simply will NOT leave her alone, the girl seems to have a magnetic attraction for annoying male suitors.

    Eric is dangerously off his rock, but you're not even sure who to blame, Eric himself for being born whacked out, or his seemingly strung out older sister with the bad lip augmentation... who apparently drove him to his miscreant behavior by treating him like her boyfriend and making out with him after their parents were him? or by her? I lost track. Too much crazy.

    Eric spends most of his time hanging out in their elaborate mansion decorating the place in a romantic theme, cupid statues and lots of red drapes, playing with his bow and arrow, writing cute love stories, and modeling male fashion trends of the '90s. The sister follows him around the house, throwing herself at him, trying to make him feel bad for falling for "temptresses" and when she's not busy seducing her brother, she works in stained glass and plays the piano dramatically with her eyes closed.

    There are usual plot holes and ridiculous antics that drive you crazy, things that just don't make sense, blatant stupidity on the parts of multiple characters, and yet you keep watching because Eric Rhodes is such an unflinching weirdo.

    The most ridiculous part of the movie is at the end. Stick around for it. I knew almost immediately what would happen, but it made it no less entertaining.
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    • Author: Lli
    A crazed man obsessed with falling in love stalks the new girl in town in 'Cupid'. We first see Eric kill his girlfriend killing her after she refuses to accept his engagement. They had only just met recently, but being the romantic Eric is, he thought it was appropriate. We then see our leading lady Jennifer arriving in town. She applies for a job at the local bookstore and that's when she meets crazy guy Eric. They talk about the story of Cupid which she knows of (and he is obsessed with), and they start dating. We also meet Eric's insane sister Dana who is madly in love with him. In order to capture Jennifer's heart, Eric will have to go through Dana and a few others to reach his goal.

    I really enjoyed this thriller/horror flick. It was pretty fast paced, and I never lost interest throughout the entire thing. I thought the acting from Zach Galligan and Ashley Laurence was strong. Mary Crosby was particularly great as the disturbed sister of Eric. It was strange to see Galligan play crazy after his good guy role in the Gremlins series. The story is pretty good as it explores a bit of the story of Cupid and Psyche.

    I'd check this one out if you can find it. I got it on VHS years ago, and I don't believe it's on DVD as of yet.

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    • Author: Rrinel
    Of course, it does! Stepfather, brilliantly performed by Terry O'Quinn. Here we have almost the same story: he can't live without love and respect (luckily he can live without family with children). Here Eric Rhodes (Galligan) kills his girlfriends if they are "strange". By the way, there are some scenes familiar to me too. For example the episode when Galligan struggles Laurence's ex-boyfriend with a telephone cord (not exactly like in Stepfather 2). Then he takes him to the hotel and he hangs him and types a short letter in Notebook. No doubt, they have borrowed this scene from Stepfather, part two. And in general that's an average thriller, which contains some promise and well-done performances.
  • Complete credited cast:
    Zach Galligan Zach Galligan - Eric Rhodes
    Ashley Laurence Ashley Laurence - Jennifer Taylor
    Mary Crosby Mary Crosby - Dana Rhodes
    Joseph Kell Joseph Kell - Richard Minor
    Annie Fitzgerald Annie Fitzgerald - Susan Taylor
    Henry Brown Henry Brown - Detective Thompson
    Margaret Blye Margaret Blye - Vivian Lindford
    Michael Bowen Michael Bowen - Mike Logan
    Alina Thompson Alina Thompson - Jill
    Michael Fairman Michael Fairman - Carl
    Christopher Kriesa Christopher Kriesa - Officer
    Arabella Holzbog Arabella Holzbog - Linda
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