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Tom Peters looks back to 1978, the year in high school that he came out of the closet. Tom's mom is both sweet and intrusive, urging him to take out girls. She also drags him to her disco-dancing lessons. His friendship with Matt becomes his first love, and then Matt turns on Tom with homophobic venom. Later, Matt and Matt's new girlfriend trash the classroom of an effeminate teacher with more vicious homophobia. At first, Tom joins in heaping scorn on the teacher, then he has to decide if it isn't time to open the closet door. A crisis of sorts ensues with his mom, and disco proves to be a balm.

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    • Author: Charyoll
    This is a bittersweet story of a teen coming of age and realizing that he is gay in the 70s. He has a brief sexual experience with his handsome tennis team mate, but then the team mate gets cold feet and turns homophobic. The main character must deal not only with the rejection of this person on whom he has a crush but also with his shame at realizing that he is gay and the threat of being discovered, especially in light of the homophobia directed to another classmate and a gay teacher. His single-parent mom is supportive until she learns what is bothering him.

    The story is touching, funny, sad, and true to the pain of coming out. The performers are all excellent. The film is short and to the point -- an excellent production.
  • Complete credited cast:
    Matt Nolan Matt Nolan - Tom
    Gwen Welles Gwen Welles - Melissa
    Dennis Christopher Dennis Christopher - Mr. Reese
    Russell Scott Lewis Russell Scott Lewis - Matt
    Robin Stapler Robin Stapler - Denise
    Robb Willoughby Robb Willoughby - Teddie
    Bojesse Christopher Bojesse Christopher - Bryan
    Wendy Brokaw Wendy Brokaw - Nadia
    Steve Rally Steve Rally - Dance Instructor
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