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Short summary

One of George Balanchine's most joyous, pure dance pieces, Allegro Brillante is characterized by what Maria Tallchief - the ballerina on whom the bravura leading role was created - called "an expansive Russian romanticism." The ballet is set to Tschaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 3, a work that the composer created from sketches for a composition that was intended to be his Sixth Symphony, but which instead served as a single movement work which was published posthumously in 1894. Balanchine described this ballet as a concentrated essay in the extended classical vocabulary, in which a maximum amount of choreographic development is contained within a rather restricted area of time and space.

Credited cast:
Marten Baum Marten Baum
Marta Cerioli Marta Cerioli
Simon Jones Simon Jones
Francesco Leone Francesco Leone
Isidora Markovic Isidora Markovic
Flemming Puthenpurayil Flemming Puthenpurayil
Adrianna Sayers Adrianna Sayers
Rikako Takase Rikako Takase
Carl Van Godtsenhoven Carl Van Godtsenhoven
Annamaria Voltolini Annamaria Voltolini
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