» » Die Hochzeitsmusiker (1997)

Short summary

The Bulgarian band "Trustenik" featuring virtuoso Gypsy clarinetist Philip "Fekata" Simeonov plays wedding music on the occasion of two big Gypsy weddings at Northern Bulgarian villages.
A music and dance film, without narration, about wedding music in Bulgaria. This genre of music, which is both traditional and modern, is a furious cocktail of Balkan folk music combined with elements of jazz and rock 'n' roll driven by rhythms of breathtaking complexity. Although it is called "wedding music" it is played at all manner of festive occasions. Filmed at Gypsy weddings and other celebrations in villages in northern Bulgaria, "The Wedding Musicians" features the popular clarinet virtuoso Philip "Fekata" Simeonov with his electric Gypsy band "Trustenkk" (accordeon, saxophone, kaval, rhythm guitars, percussion), with vocals by Yordan "Dancho" Panov. Made by the filmmakers whose feature-length film about the legendary American mouth organist Larry Adler, "Larry - My Life and Music", was selected by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences as "one of the outstanding documentaries of 1993".

Credited cast:
Aliosha Assenov Aliosha Assenov - Himself
Milen Assenov Milen Assenov - Himself
Hari Iankov Hari Iankov - Himself
Kozi Marinov Kozi Marinov - Himself
Iordan 'Dancho' Panov Iordan 'Dancho' Panov - Himself
Emil Simeonov Emil Simeonov - Himself
Philip Fekata Simeonov Philip Fekata Simeonov - Himself
Zvetan Spassov Zvetan Spassov - Himself
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