» » The Middle Great Heckspectations (2009–2018)

Short summary

After being caught driving by Mike and Frankie, Brick is punished by being forced to go to the prom, which due to budget cuts at school now includes sophomores and freshmen. The problem comes when Brick tries to convince Cindy to go with him, and Frankie realizes the former social skills classmates he was supposed to go with have lost their eccentricities, while Brick hasn't. Meanwhile Lexie urges Axl to make up for Sue's 21st birthday two months late and get her a present, but he can't figure out what to get her.

This is the last episode of the series where Casey Burke appears as Cindy.

Episode complete credited cast:
Patricia Heaton Patricia Heaton - Frankie Heck
Neil Flynn Neil Flynn - Mike Heck
Charlie McDermott Charlie McDermott - Axl Heck
Eden Sher Eden Sher - Sue Heck
Atticus Shaffer Atticus Shaffer - Brick Heck
Daniela Bobadilla Daniela Bobadilla - Lexie Brooks
Casey Burke Casey Burke - Cindy
Carlin James Carlin James - Zack
Cameron Gellman Cameron Gellman - Henry
Aidan Potter Aidan Potter - Scott
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