» » Consumed: Inside the Belly of the Beast (2011)

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A documentary about modern consumerist culture. Evolution and psychology underpin a narrative of our times, constantly locating man at its centre with an unhealthy dose of pathos. Fantastic 20th century archive and interviews.

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    • Author: Lianeni
    My definition of a good documentary is a fact-based film that truly educates you.

    Most documentaries you can find these days are poorly researched and biased. This film, however, has a bias that is well founded in facts and manages to present well digested knowledge that paints a nuanced picture of the issues of consumerism: Whose fault is it? The peoples' or the systems'?

    As this film sheds light on something that many people are not aware of, I consider it as one of the most important documentaries I've watched in the recent past. Highly recommended, should be shown in every school in the western world.
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    • Author: Very Old Chap
    A good and clear explanation about consumerism.

    It explains how our society has become so, why we do it, why we have accepted and what the future will bring.

    In the documentary they explains everything about consumerism in terms of scientific and psychological. its mainly negative but there'll also looked at it a little bit on the positive side.

    I found it very instructive why we do it and why we mostly do nothing against it, in most documentary's they are only saying; It is bad, stop it! and not why we do it in the first place. it have opened my eyes a little.
  • Credited cast:
    Jonathan Chapman Jonathan Chapman - Himself
    Tim Cooper Tim Cooper - Himself
    Alastair McIntosh Alastair McIntosh - Himself
    Geoffrey Miller Geoffrey Miller - Himself
    Aimee Ploudee Aimee Ploudee - Herself
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