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Short summary

Rose Brushstick is a painter and artist. 24 hours before her big exhibition, the curator asks her to produce another 40 paintings, sculptures and images. She sends out her mute assistant Raser to find inspiring women to help creating these oeuvres.

Credited cast:
Antonia Bergman Antonia Bergman - Ane Mone Dye
Naomi Beukes Naomi Beukes - Violet Clover
Julia Effertz Julia Effertz - Daisy Charcoal
Stephanie Lexer Stephanie Lexer - Marguerite Canvas
Birgit Stauber Birgit Stauber - Tulip Easel
Simona Theoharova Simona Theoharova - Rose Brushstick
Ony Yan Ony Yan - Lily Valley
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