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A young wizard, seeking for friends, casts a spell on the beach ball of a group of kids, attracting them to the castle where he lives with his wizards aunt and uncle, surrounded by music, magic and fantasy.

Uncle Victor's look is based on Dr. Frankenstein and painter Salvador Salí. Also, Sérgio Mamberti was Cao Hamburger's direct choice for the role and was cast without auditioning.

The character of Caipora was originally going to be the Curupira. Both are mythical figures from Brazilian folklore, and the crew concluded it would be difficult to portray Curupira, who has his feet turned backwards.

In 2014, Pascoal da Conceição who played the antagonist Dr. Abobrinha escaped from an assault after he performed his character's famous ambitious slang. The thugs only apologized and ran away.

Pedro's look was a mix of an skater and Peter Pan's character John Darling.

The library has the equivalent to 6 thousands books.

In the whole series, Nino's only prominent spell is cast in the pilot.

Cássio Scapin's first role in a series featuring a Caipora. The Brazilian mythological creature also appears in Os Mutantes (2008).

Cássio Scapin reportedly went through therapy because of Nino. "He was opening so many doors. It's hard to get rid of something that's working just aa fine."

J.K. Rowling named the Brazilian/South-American wizarding school in the "Harry Potter" universe as Castelobruxo, generating an in-joke among Brazilian fans who felt the name sounded strongly familiar to this series.

In July 16th, 2014 an exhibition featuring the character's wardrobe, props, puppets, setting etc. was opened in São Paulo to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary.

Wagner Bello who portrayed Etevaldo the E.T. sadly passed away during shooting. His friend Siomara Schroder honored him and played a female counterpart of the character, his cousin Etecetera.

Doctors Tíbio and Perônio are named after the two bones Tibia and Fibula (also named Peronio in Brazilian Portuguese).

One of the doctors is portrayed Flávio de Souza, who is also a writer of several child novels in Brazil and the creator of Ilha Rá-Tim-Bum (2002), set in the same universe.

The pilot is rarely aired in reruns of the show.

A famous sketch contains a trio of birds singing songs in several instruments from around the world. The songs, however, are not sang by them and portrayed by actual singers.

Some children sent letters containing money to the cast shortly after the show's cancellation was announced.

Filmed in one year and eight months and aired to this day on reruns. The stage version continued for five more years after the finale, until Cássio Scapin decided to drop out of the role of Nino. He returned to the role in a new stage production in 2014.

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    • Author: Ffel
    I was surprised to see how bad this was rated! This is a wonderful and original TV show and, even though its target audience is children and preteens, everyone can enjoy it! It's engaging, fun and educational altogether. In just one episode, the viewer may learn about arts, music, literature, math, science, world culture, etc. Speaking of culture, there are also some aspects of the Brazilian culture in it, like a folklore mythical creature as a character and footage of indigenous life. It is also moralistic - without being preachy - and full of fantasy. What else can you ask of a children's TV show? When I was a child, I used to watch this show religiously and, as many other young Brazilians I know of, it made my childhood more magical, so to speak. Even to this day I occasionally watch it for nostalgia's sake and I still find it quite enjoyable.

    I gave it a 8 because it is sometimes overacted and has bad special effects.
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    • Author: Goktilar
    The series is excellent, very well produced, with great actors and spectacular itineraries. The director has managed to use perfectly the theme of magic, and special effects are impressive for its time (1994). The soundtrack also leaves nothing to be desired, with excellent compositions, all educational. Despite being aimed at children (educational series) it is very appealing to adults as well. The themes are taught in a fun way both for children and for adult audiences. The characters are interesting and well interpreted and the series is packed with educational sketches that add to production. The scripts are well developed, addressing to perfection several important issues for the education of children. No doubt it is a high quality series.
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    • Author: Gom
    Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum is a Brazilian children's television series, broadcast by TV Cultura during the 1990s. The show centers around Nino, a 300-year-old boy living in an ancient castle surrounded by the buildings of a modern city, owned by millennia-old sorcerers Victor and Morgana, Nino's uncle and aunt, respectively. Never leaving home, Nino interacts with friends Pedro, Biba, and Zequinha, regular visitors to the castle, supported by a larger group of recurrent characters that includes, among others, a friendly, shy alien and a TV newscaster dressed in pink fur. The castle is home to many mascots, most of them represented by hand puppets, and stores a number of interactive magical artifacts. Those, along with the distinct personality given to each character and mascot, enable plots filled with scientific and historical references in an easy to grasp and enjoyable way.
  • Series cast summary:
    Cássio Scapin Cássio Scapin - Nino 34 episodes, 1994-1997
    Álvaro Petersen Jr. Álvaro Petersen Jr. - Celeste / - 34 episodes, 1994-1997
    Cláudio Chakmati Cláudio Chakmati - Porteiro / - 34 episodes, 1994-1997
    Fernando Gomes Fernando Gomes - Gato Pintado / - 34 episodes, 1994-1997
    Rosi Campos Rosi Campos - Morgana 33 episodes, 1994-1997
    Sérgio Mamberti Sérgio Mamberti - Dr. Victor 33 episodes, 1994-1996
    Luciano Amaral Luciano Amaral - Pedro 33 episodes, 1994-1996
    Cíntia Raquel Cíntia Raquel - Biba 33 episodes, 1994-1996
    Theo Werneck Theo Werneck - Tap / - 33 episodes, 1994-1997
    Freddy Allan Freddy Allan - Zequinha 32 episodes, 1994-1996
    Luciano Ottani Luciano Ottani - Adelaide / - 32 episodes, 1994-1996
    Gerson Abreu Gerson Abreu - Flap 32 episodes, 1994-1996
    Henrique Stroeter Henrique Stroeter - Perônio / - 16 episodes, 1994-1997
    Flávio de Souza Flávio de Souza - Tíbio 15 episodes, 1994-1995
    Dilmah Souza Dilmah Souza - Dançarina e Passarinha / - 14 episodes, 1994-1996
    Ciça Meirelles Ciça Meirelles - Dançarina e Passarinha / - 14 episodes, 1994-1996
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